Thursday, December 29

Frequent flyer miles at the ENT????

Austin came through well with his tonsillectomy (and adenoidectomy). He is almost 3 weeks out from surgery, so we are past the most critical point. Praise God! He did have trouble with his SATS immediately after surgery, but they just kept him a few hours longer and he evened out as the anesthesia wore off. He has always done that.  He had his follow-up with the ENT last week, and the ENT said that his sleep should have already improved. Unfortunately it really hasn't. He gave Austin 2 months to recover and if no better then we'll repeat the sleep study to see if he is still having apnea. If so, then I'm not sure what that means or what next. Praying that he starts to improve a lot now. God can make miracles happen as we know, so please be praying that his sleep improves drastically, that he begins to eat and grows great, and stays well! Austin is old enough that he should really start to catch up in all aspects of his life, so we want to see this happen for him. We want Austin to be the best Austin possible, so please be praying!
All 4 kids were actually seen at the ENT last week . . . we need frequent flyer miles there or something! Bradley was seen, because the ENT had asked about the other kids at one point and we had told him that Bradley snores and sleeps a lot. So, he said that he needed to be seen suspecting some sleep apnea. He asked some questions about Bradley's sleep and examined him and said that his tonsils and adenoids need to be removed. They're huge, so we're going to do that on January 13th. I'm hopeful that Bradley sleeps so restlessly that he is bothering Austin, and that we'll see an improvement in both big boys after Bradley's surgery. Bradley will be out of school 7-10 days.  Then, Cameron was seen because she is having recurring sinus infections. It's constant, but she is refluxing out of her nose again (she did this as a younger baby when they ruled out that she had a cleft palate after having a procedure done in the office). So, the doctor said we need to get the reflux under control for a couple of months before we consider removing her adenoids. She just keeps a yucky runny nose and always rubs her eyes and face like they hurt. And, last Davis had his hearing checked and a follow-up from having tubes. And, all looked great with him. He hasn't been on antibiotics in 3 weeks- yay. He stayed on them from 3 months until his tubes were placed 3 weeks ago. Tubes are amazing.
We were there a loooonng time, and I wasn't sure I was going to make it- BUT we did only by the grace of God. I'm working on Christmas pictures now. We got some great ones, and I'm so excited. It isn't an easy task with 4 kids, and they may not all be smiling, but as long as no one is crying that is pretty impressive. Hope that post will follow soon!

Monday, December 5

Awesome Austin

So, as many of you know our Austin turned 3 last month. I still can't believe it! Wow! Of course it makes it harder to believe since he is so small. He is truly a perpetual baby. I believe most people think he is 1 since they think him and Cameron are twins. I don't mind it though, because one day he WILL grow up and I'll miss this so much- although I'm sure in my eyes he will always be our special miracle baby. How can you possibly forget all that he has overcome?
So, there is one more thing that Austin has to overcome. We've been waiting for him to turn 3, because for a LONG time his tonsils have been causing major issues. He continues to develop tonsillitis, a throat infection, that requires antibiotics all the time. His huge tonsil may also attribute to his small size as they have caused him to gag often which sometimes leads to vomiting. It can also curve his appetite and make him not want to eat. However, the ENT refused to think about removing them until he turned 3 and then said he must have a sleep study before he thought of doing anything about it. The surgery can be risky and carries a risk of bleeding for about 2 weeks afterwards - and of course just Austin being small and his history carries risks in itself. . . there aren't a whole lot of 23 pound three year olds! So, I've been a little unsure of the surgery, but knew that we had to do the sleep study as enlarged tonsils can cause obstructive sleep apnea. I prayed that he'd be fine and not have any apnea, however his sleep has been awful for as long as we remember and has grown increasingly worse. So, the doctors suspected that apnea was causing the issues. Austin may get up anywhere from 3 to 10 times a night! So, he had his sleep study a couple of weeks ago and it came back showing that he has severe sleep apnea. He has 15+ episodes an hour, and in 7 hours of his sleep study he had 115 events. So, there is no choice but to take out his tonsils (and they will remove his adenoids as well). His surgery is this Friday morning, the 9th.  He is scheduled to have it as outpatient at LMC, and if there are issues then he can be transferred to Richland to stay overnight. He has just finished a round of antibiotics, in the last week, for another infection. And, over the last few days his gagging has grown worse and he is vomiting again- so we KNOW that he really need this surgery for multiple reasons.
So, I'm asking that everyone pray hard that there are no issues with anything involving the surgery. The last time Austin was put on the ventilator, for a surgery, he had some issues and had to stay in the PICU overnight. BUT, he was much younger. Pray that he can eat enough to not loose weight during the first couple of weeks after surgery when he will be especially uncomfortable- he can't spare any weight loss. Pray that there are no issues with bleeding. Pray that Chris and I have peace about this and that God works in and through the wonderful doctor. This doctor removed Chris' tonsils and has also done tubes on Austin and Bradley, so we know him well- AND Davis is going to him for tubes soon as well. Pray that Austin's lung disease causes no issues as well. So, just pray for our baby, pray anyway God leads you, and we'll let everyone know as soon as we can how he does.
He is so absolutely precious, as all of our children are, and I just thank God that we've been allowed to have him here for this long. I'm convinced that God has big things planned for that little boy(what big plans he has already had for him in his 3 short years) and that we will get to see him grow into a fine young man.
Thank you all for our prayers in advance and hope everyone has a truly blessed week!

Thursday, November 10


It's November. It has been 3 years, some days 3 LONG years and some days it seems as though it was only yesterday. When I think about how long it has been since those 3 sweet babies were inside of me, alive and well, it doesn't even seem real.  . . kinda wondered if I dreamed it all? Were we really expecting triplets? Did God bless us with 3 children all at once?

Thank God one of those precious miracle is still with us to love on each and every second of every day- and I do mean every second because he doesn't sleep - it's really weird- but nevertheless I can't help but be grateful that I can love on him 24-7. He often comes to our bed during the night and we find him sleeping soundly between us, and it's so hard to take him back to his bed sometimes. I always seem to quickly be able to remember those raw emotions of his time in the NICU and just praying that he'd make it and live. We'd see that he was doing truly remarkable for his gestational age despite the daily too often scares, but it was so hard to believe that we'd actually get to watch him grow up. And, now we're doing just that. Austin needs to grow a little better (he was only 22 pounds 14 ounces at the dr a few weeks ago), but we just can't help to be grateful that he is here, his tiny self and all. 

November is a time when others remember what they're grateful for as they celebrate the holiday Thanksgiving. We are truly grateful for our life as a family. Our 6 children mean more to my husband and me than we will ever be able to put into words. I could spend everyday stating something else that I'm thankful for when it comes to mothering these 4 babies. I'd be lying though if I didn't say that at the same time my heart yearns to mother my other 2 children. I will always and forever be a mother to six children: Bradley, Austin, Brayden, Alexis, Cameron, and Davis. I sometimes daydream what it'd be like to have all 6 here. Life would be crazy but oh so blessed.

I'm rambling. I'm sorry. There is so much I want to say, and I can't type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. This blog is such a source of healing for me, because not everyone can handle talking about it. I love when someone can handle it though, because it helps so much.  Grief is something that I don't wish on anyone and yet know that everyone will experience it on some level in their life. I pray though that no one has to experience the grief of losing a child. We just aren't built for this. One person described our journey as being "thrown a curve ball." And, that frustrates me because until you experience the loss of a child you truly have no idea.. . I really try to remind myself that people sometimes just don't think things through before they say them and sometimes make absent minded comments.  I describe it more like the pitcher hitting the batter. That is probably the best analogy to describe the hurt and emotions that we've experienced if you stick to the baseball analogies.  I say we aren't built for it- but what we are built for is to lean on God and we've done just that. We've leaned, cried, screamed, been carried, etc over the last 3 years. And, perhaps this was God's will because he wanted us to learn to FULLY rely on Him. I'm not sure I'll ever know what the reason is for all this- maybe in Heaven, but maybe in Heaven it won't matter. Perhaps we will be so busy worshipping God and fully enjoying that- that all hurt will be erased forever from our minds.

So, it's November. An absolutely beautiful time of year. I love the fall. So much to do and you get to see God's beauty everyday during autumn. .. . ~ deep blue skies ~ gorgeous autumn leaves in hues of orange, yellow, and red ~the cool breeze is so refreshing. Then, there are all the wonderful things like warm fires and hot chocolate that warm our souls as we prepare for the holiday season. A special time to make memories with family picking apples, the SC State Fair, picking pumpkins, trick-or-treating, college football, and just enjoying the nice weather as a family fills our calendar every year during fall. So, we're always assured that God will fill our heart with many good thoughts before, during, and after this hard month. God is so good!  I'm so thankful for our awesome God who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, my wonderful husband and life partner in every way, and my six beautiful children.What do you have to be thankful for?

Thursday, October 27

Christmas Shopping

Yes, I've already started our Christmas shopping. About a month ago I did some shopping on Amazon. Worked out great- free shipping, arrives in a couple of days, and oh. so. easy. . I L.O.V.E. Internet shopping, especially with the fact that we have 4 children 5 and under . . . 3 of which are under 3! :-) Anyway, I have my little spreadsheet in Excel that has all the kid's names and what they're getting. Helps for several reasons:
1. Reminds me what I've gotten, if for some reason everything isn't in the same spot when it comes time to wrap or put out on Christmas Eve.
2. Helps make sure everything is equal cost wise, because we do believe in that. We love them (the kids) all the same right?!?! And, it isn't hard to do. So, why not?
3. We give each child 3 presents and a stocking, then they get one combined present from their siblings. The other siblings get to pick it out- it will be more fun as they grow older. Then, they exchange the presents on Christmas Eve- great tradition and wasn't started Austin's 1st Christmas at home.  Not sure if I wrote last year about the 3 presents, but we hope it will help our children remember the reason for the season. Our children get so much from all 3 sets of grandparents, aunt/uncles, friends, etc.. . so we just don't want their memory of the holidays to be all about the massive number of presents. So, the spreadsheet helps me make sure everyone has the same number as well.
4. Then, I also lists the other people we buy for and list what they're getting as well. I try to keep all the grandparents equal as well as our nieces/nephew.
So my spreadsheet may be a little crazy, but it really helps me stay organized and with 4 little ones that is absolutely necessary. :-)
So, yes I've started shopping and not too far away form being done.  Want to know what other awesome website I'm using? Zulily It's pretty cool. Everyday at 9am they have a new lists of deals in housewares, personalized items, kids and women's attire, books, toys etc. Most everything has been a good deal. Then, you buy it . . . tax free, ship it, and it arrives on your doorstep with no hassle. I use paypal to pay which is another awesome site, but you may also just use a credit card, which is what paypal is- I just don't have to take the time to type in my info over and over. So, check out the link and see what you find. How awesome would it be to finish your shopping before Thanksgiving, so you can sit back, worship God, and just enjoy the holidays with your family?!??! By the way, their is a free app for the site on my phone- too cool when I can exercise and shop at the same time? It's all about multi tasking these days.

Thursday, October 13

Mommy "Down" Time

(courtesy of Amanda Joy Photography)

So, when these precious little things aren't taking up every minute and I need some ME time I've been checking out this new found obsession: Pinterest! It's very cool. It has everything from crafts to recipes, holiday ideas, fun stuff for the kids, decorating tips, and I've even found some great exercises on there to help get me back in shape. Chris and I've been on there hunting for ideas for the new house, and it has given us some fun couple, quality time together day dreaming.  :-) Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows people to post something cool they found on the Internet to this one home site. Then, your friends can copy the idea to their boards to keep. You can sync the website with Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc to find your friends or you can go on the main board and look at people's, that you don't know, pins. It's a pretty cool concept. However, I have to limit my time on there or else I could spend waaaaayy TOO much time on the site. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 11

TWO months

Yes, it has been over 2 months since I posted my last post. And, I'm so sorry but life is very busy and I'm just trying to soak in these moments to remember for the rest of my life. Davis Matthew arrived on July 29th a healthy 8 pounds 1 ounce and 20.75 inches. He was our biggest baby at only 37 weeks (no that isn't early, but he was our earliest term baby so I didn't expect him to be that big). However, the ultrasonographer warned that he would be big the day before- and I should have known to trust this woman because she is awesome! Davis did great with absolutely no issues at birth. The delivery at Lexington was awesome and truly a wonderful way for us to finish off our family. . . yes I just said that. . . yes, I'm crazy and saddened by it becasue we were planning to shoot for #5 before we finished off our bunch. However, we can't say for sure that God won't bring another child into our hearts another way. There were complications, with me, during the delivery involving uterine windows that were close to uterine rupture, scar tissue, and hemorrahging from the uterine arteries. The doctor also had trouble closing up my uterus (getting the stitches to hold), so it bought me a night with close monitoring in L&D and the suggestion to not have anymore kids if I wanted to be around to raise them. It's rather hard to come to terms with when you aren't allowed to make the decision on your own, but we're enjoying our 4 children that God has given us to raise and trying to make the most of every moment. I'm praying that God gives us peace about it and that this was just his BIG way to say that no more children were going to come from our bodies. We've been blessed beyond meausre to have bore SIX children and it's absolutely amazing to watch these 4 together. I have to say that I LOVE having 4 kids. It's awesome and definitely fufills the desire that God has always placed in our hearts.
The last 2 months has been a whirlwind of sleep deprivation, fun, and craziness- but all in wonderful ways. Davis has grown exponentially regardless of the protein allergies that all of our babies have. His started later than any of the others, but alas it reared it's ugly head. I was able to nurse him for a month and tried the dairy free diet, but every day that passed with the diet he worsened leading us to believe that he also had a soy protein allergy.  That diet would be almost impossible for me to do, take in enough calories to nurse, with our busy lives of having 4 children. At Davis' well visit he was in the 95% for his height and weight at 24+ inches and over 13 pounds. Yay! I love big babies with all their sweet rolls. He moved to his room to start sleeping at night and for some naps last week when he was almost 10 weeks old. And, has improved a lot with his sleep. He is putting him to sleep for naps as well as at bedtime at night. He sleeps most night till 3am and then will go again to 6am on a good night. And, then gets up for good at about 730.  His naps are about an hour long and are frequently throughtout the day- some in his crib and some in the swing downstairs.
The bigger kids have adjusted well to our new addition. Bradley started school when Davis was 2 weeks old. And, the whole family has done great on our new "early" schedule. School has been good for Bradley as well as the rest of the family. I'll have to talk more about school later. Austin and Cameron have a lot of fun playing together during the day. We've been busy with Bradley's soccer, Chris' work, and getting our house ready to sale. Yes, we always have so much going on. We love our neighborhood and neighbors so much, but it's time to move on to a house that better fits our big family. AKA bigger laundry room, a mudroom, no wasted space such as a study/living room, and 2 bathrooms for the kids instead of the one with only one sink. The house may even be a little smaller than our current one. We meet with the designer in a couple of weeks. Chris and I have started to diet- more like make a lifestyle change and eat healthier. We're eating at home almost all the time at dinner and that has been good as well. We also have started serving the kids the same meal we're having. The 2 middle one have been very receptive to it, but the big one NOT. SO. MUCH. He is sooo picky. I hope he will come around eventually; until then he just has to be hungry until the next morning. No worries though as he is still maintaining his weight somehow. He is served whole milk and we be sure that they all have fruit as well.
There is a lot more going on around here too- plans for pumpkin and apple picking, the fair, the zoo, picnics, and walks. We've enjoyed the wonderful fall weather with lots of time outdoors. I've started exercising again and it's WONDERFUL. I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm just happy to be trying. We have birthdays coming up: Daddy and Austin. So, there is party planning going on. Halloween and the holidays are right around the corner, and we've started Christmas shopping. LOVE this time of year, and we get to enjoy it with our newest little blessing and well as the other 3!. Can't get any better than that. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are alive and well. Sorry this is so quick, but more WILL come later!

Thursday, July 28


The BIG day is almost here! ONE more night. I think I can make it! This pregnancy has been great, but lately I can barely pick up the kids- which is a must when they are so young like Austin and Cameron. The swelling and ligament pain (which I'm told gets worse with each pregnancy) is limiting me a lot these days. However, I've made it and am just rolling with the punches.
I have a ton of things I want to do before going to bed tonight, so this will be a short and sweet update.  I'm delivering tomorrow at LMC (yes that is a change for us, but an exciting one after going through so many hard things at Richland). I'm scheduled for noon and hopefully Davis will be out by 1- it took a long time for my high risk OB to get to Cameron due to scar tissue- hoping the ligament pain is actually that and not scar tissue. I had my last appointment today and Davis looked well. He is measuring very big; 97% and 8 pounds 10 ounces. This is just an estimate, after taking several measurements, and not actually guaranteed and could be 10% off either way. I'm expecting him to be 7 something as B was 7lb 5 oz and C was 7lbs 2 oz, both delivered at 38 weeks.  Davis will be a few days earlier than them too.
So, we have a babysitter lined up for the other kids and Chris will be with them the rest of the time. I'm praying ABC handle Mama being away well since I'm always with them- praying I handle it well too since I feel like my place is at home with my family. I know it will be for just a few days and a must to get this sweet miracle here and home, and we can make it past anything for a short time. Emotions are running a little high as well as anxiety. I keep trying to push everything out of my mind and ask God for His peace and grace as I know that is the only place it can come from.
Update on everyone else. . .  I pick up B's school class assignment later today. He starts school in just a few weeks which I'm anticipating to be a bigger change for our family than adding Baby Davis. Bradley seems excited, but a little hesitant as expected. He isn't much of a worrier, because I've just always told him to not worry and ask God for help- and so far that has worked. He truly believe everything I tell him- so scary how children can be molded and shaped by us so easily. Bradley is very excited about the baby.  A is talking all the time. He has so much to say, and sometimes it's all I can do not to just stare and marvel at how well he is doing. He hasn't grown, but that is just how Austin is. His tonsils could be causing issues with that, and his ENT is setting him up for a sleep study. He has a feeling Austin's tonsils are causing some breathing difficulty at night even though the pulse ox study showed he was fine. A sleep study on Austin won't be an easy task though, so many prayers needed for that.  Austin is also really growing up from a toddler to a little boy, and it's so hard to believe. His little sister is growing up as well from a baby to a toddler. C has been walking for awhile and uses that as her sole transportation now.  She signs a lot and really understands what we are saying to her.  She is saying new words everyday as well. She has been very easy to discipline, and while she may cry when we tell her "no", she does listen. She continues to be a great eater and will beg for a salad which I've always loved as well. Her hair is really growing and getting thick, so I have to keep some type of barrette in her hair to keep it out of her face. I just can't believe how much "ABC" have grown over the summer and am so excited to add "D" to the mix.
I'm not sure how long it will be before something is posted here, so if you are on Facebook look me up and add me as a friend if you haven't already. We will post to there rather quickly since it's so easy. Thank you all for the prayers!

Sunday, July 17

Showered with Blessings

Right before Father's Day my sweet friend, Michelle, gave me a wonderful little shower to help celebrate Baby Davis.  I was very excited to see all of my favorite girls and hang out a little bit before Davis arrives. We went to M Vista, downtown, and it was very yummy. We enjoyed appetizers, salads, and delicious meals. Then, our waiter surprised me with a delicisous chocolate mousse dessert that reminded me of cheesecake.  And, we also enjoyed a very tasty cake. Michelle thought of every little detail to make it special inclucding sweet, little bags of surprises full of chocolate for everyone to take home. After dessert I opened a ton of presents that I'm very grateful for- lots of diapers, wipes, new clothes for Davis, and much more.  All of it will definitely come in handy! Our boy stuff is getting worn out and is the wrong season since Bradley and Austin came home in March. After presents we took some group pictures, so I can always remember what a great time I had celebrating our sweet blessing with a few family and lots of friends! Thank you everyone for making sure that even after 5 kids, # 6, is just as special as #1! He is one blessed little boy!

Enjoying my dessert that the waiter surprised me with
(and looking a little bloated- some days the fluid retention is awful and some days I barely have any)

The yummy cake!

Belly Shot

special handmade presents

I loved this present from Davis' Aunt Beth- she spends a good bit of time with the kids, always being sure to stop by at least once a week for a visit, and we're so grateful to have her and Uncle Michael in our life!

~more wonderful presents~
handmade quilt from Nanny and Papa

Group Photo Op

And, a picture outside M Vista- it was such a fun night and I'm so grateful for all of these special ladies in my life! Love ya'll!

Friday, July 8

Swim Lessons

Bradley and Austin took swim lessons together in June; it was the 1st time for both of them. By the end of the week Bradley was jumping in the pool, on his own, and swimming to the instructor in the deep end. And, Austin was holding his breathe and gliding underwater back and forth to us.  Both boys are proficient now in opening their eyes under water and holding their breathe! Bradley can also swim over to the side of the pool and hold on. That was an important thing, per Ms. Laverne, as it could save some children.  Ms. Laverne was great.  How wonderful that she is a special education teacher during the school year and completely comfortable with Austin's needs.  He, however, did just as well as any 2 year old- even with breathing which we didn't know how it would go due to his lung disease.  The boys went Monday through Friday for one hour each day with 2 other children.  Cameron did well floating in the pool and hanging out with some of the neighbors while Mama assisted with Austin. I wasn't sure how it would go with the boys, but was so impressed and proud at their willingness to try something new. Next year, Cameron will be excited to take lessons with the boys and Davis will be watching from the sidelines.

Go Bradley Go!

Cameron loves the pool and sun!

Austin going to Daddy on the afternoon that he was able to be there

Such a happy girl!

Bradley getting those legs up

Austin reaching for Daddy

Thursday, June 16

1st Time EVER

 . .  . getting a family picture with everyone looking at the camera AND smiling! Yay! We had pictures done with our family photographer, Amanda Joy Photography. Remember she is the one that we won the photo contest with at the beginning of the year, Best of 2010.  It was time to have some pictures taken as we were celebrating many special occasions: Bradley turning 5, Cameron turning 1, Baby Davis' pregnancy, our 10th wedding anniversary, and Austin is 2.5! That is a lot of stuff to pack into one photo session, but I think she did it. Here is our sneak peak. Check out her blog or scroll down and see the few pictures. We highly recommend her for your photography needs; she is awesome!

Wednesday, June 15

Take 10,379 and couting . . .

It seems like it takes that many pictures to get a decent one- and by decent I mean I may be fortunate, at the end of an at-home photo session, to have ONE where all 3 kids are looking. I can't imagine what it's going to be like with FOUR children, 5 and under. I'm thinking I may have to starting taking pictures of just 2 at a time. . . . we shall see. By now, I know that you can NOT try to plan anything with children because they can be soooo unpredictable.
So, I was just going to give you a glimpse into what it takes to get one cute picture. I was home alone with the kids, getting ready for swim lessons on the last day. They were very excited and running around with their bathing suits on- that yes, coordinated. Hey, if I have to buy clothes then I may as well buy them stuff that matches- makes it easier to keep up with them when we're off too- because I know exactly what colors to look for if someone tries to run off and I'm constantly going down the alphabet making sure everyone is accountable for- just the mommy in me! :-)

Take 1- Gave A the sunglasses to make him happy, put the bow in C's hair, and told Bradley to hold her . . . it's a NO GO. Let's try again. . .

Told the boys to pay attention,  told B not to hold C this time,  put her beside B, and grabbed the camera. Then, look who decides to lie down- no go again folks. Again?

Finally the boys are smiling and looking- so cute, but what is C looking at?

We have success- everyone is looking! But can I get one where everyone is smiling?

Almost! Where is C's bow though?!?!? The boys are saying, "cheese". Good news, A has started to improve a lot with pictures just in time for C to go through  a bad picture phase. She does well if it's just her, and I can focus on only her. And, realize I actually took about 20 pictures on this day- this is just a glimpse for you into the chaos. It's fun though. And, we were all ready early. Loaded up in the car and off we went to swim lessons. More to come on that later!

Monday, June 6

L & D Trip

Yesterday, I was having some issues. Some pressure down low, frequent urination (but no burning like a uti- the pressure was causing it), was fine when I laid down for the most part, but when I stood for more than a few minutes I'd have this sharp sensation that would cause me to double over because it felt like I was going to pee on myself. Davis wasn't moving as much as usual. He was breach a couple of weeks ago and my other babies have never been in that position this late. So, for a couple of weeks now I haven't felt like I was emptying my bladder, getting up several times a night to go "potty", and having frequent kicks to the bladder  . . . and while I've become to grow accustomed to that it was very different yesterday.  It felt like the baby was kicking or hitting this nerve that was directly attached to my bladder and it was quite uncomfortable- he seemed lower too. So, after fighting it all day I called the on call doctor which turned out to be the OB that delivered the triplets. She advised me to go to Richland, get on the monitor, and get everything checked out due to my history. So, we made our way up there - all the while trying NOT to be sick to our stomachs as the possibility that I may not be going back home with this sweet baby still in my tummy but all along thinking SURELY after this many children and pregnancies I'd know if something were really long- and just the thought of that place and our history there it's surprising that we are able to not empty everything in our stomachs when entering those halls. I'd hoped that after a good delivery with Cameron and it being 2.5 years since we were there living in what we thought was pure hell that things would be improved. W.R.O.N.G. Turns out post-traumatic stress disorder, which is the only way to really describe our emotions at Palmetto Health Richland, never truly goes away- just goes silent until you have to go through the motions of what caused it in the 1st place.
I was monitored, prodded, and cathed- AND after 4 long hours sent back home. Everything looked great. They aren't really sure what was causing the issues- could be his position or could be scar tissue from past c-sections pulling as my uterus grows. It has been better today- still there but some improvement thankfully. I was scheduled to go to the doctor this week anyway for an Ob appointment and another ultrasound, so I'll still do that.  I don't have anymore restrictions and am free to do whatever I was doing before. Praying I have another few more weeks of pregnancy before I end up there again. Everyone loves a full term baby, but Chris and I just say we'll be happy to get past 32 weeks- which is a little over a week from now- you don't have to worry about eye and ear issues and things are just overall much, much better than what we went through with Austin. Less than 6 weeks to go until Davis is full term. Yay! So thankful everything looked good, and we're still going strong!
On a fun note, a sweet friend is giving me a shower next week and I'm sooo excited and blessed by my wonderful friends. I was so blown away, after having so many children, that anyone would even think to give me one.  She sweetly told me that everyone can use diapers and wipes and since Davis is being born in a totally different season than my other children he'll need some clothes and other things that may be worn out or you can't pass down. So, after yesterday there is no reason to think that I won't still be "truckin' along" and can enjoy it.  Hope everyone can make it! And, thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle for continuing to be such a blessing in my life!
That's all folks!

Thursday, June 2


Found this poem. We have another poem written by this father of quads, Jolly Old St NICU, given to us on Austin's first Christmas by my brother and sister-in-law. It was right after we'd lost our 2 youngest children and Austin was in the NICU for what we knew would be a long time after already being there for over a month. We were all too familiar with the NICU at that point and the poem hit so close to home.
So, the other day I found this poem written by this same man. Like I said he is the father of quads, but only 3 remain on Earth.  He wrote this poem for his daughter, Emily, that went to be with God around the age of 1 month old.  It speaks volumes for mine and Chris' emotions. They still continue to be all over the place, some good days and some bad days. We struggle with do we just be happy that our children are safe in Heaven or is it ok to wish that they were here with us? 
Christopher Brayden and Alexis Faith, not a day goes by that Daddy and Mama don't think of you several times a day. We have faith in our Lord that we will see you again and be with our Heavenly Father and you for all of eternity. We strive daily to live right while continuing to believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for us so that we may have everlasting life. As your oldest brother says, "We have Jesus in our heart."  I don't think there is any other way to make it past this journey than to have full trust in God's plan. We believe in His awesome grace and strength, seeing that He will carry us through anything- the things we do or don't want to believe that we could make it through. That being said, we are humans and not fully able to understand why we were placed on Earth to go through something like this- what we believe has to be the hardest thing that any human ever has to go through.
I recently spoke to a fellow mother of a micro preemie. Her son is 5 now, but has celebrated every birthday with Jesus. She said she has the same feelings- you learn to cope with the loss, but still miss them as desperately as you did the day they passed if not more. I believe I miss them more now than I did then, because as time passes it has been that much longer since I held my children in my arms. Can you fathom not being able to hold your child in your arms for almost 2.5 years? Another mother, I know, lost her infant son 20-something years ago. She said not one day goes by that she doesn't think of him and miss all the memories that she was never able to make. She isn't sure that ever gets any easier.  This poem, that I'm sharing, depicts our emotions so well. While we are grateful that our children are safe with our Lord, and continue to live life enjoying all of our many blessings- we still continue to feel as though something is missing as the minutes, hours, days, and weeks go by.

Even if you’re dancing with King David
And even if you touch the Savior’s Face
And even if you walk right next to Abraham
In a world that’s marked by joy and peace and grace….

And even though our lives are filled with laughter
And even though we celebrate each day
And even though we can’t believe how good things are
In this life that’s oh so rich in every way…

And even if our longing makes no sense to you
And even if you know no death or pain
And even if you’re happy every moment
In a place where all life’s problems leave no stain…

And even though we’ve had some time to catch our breath
And even though death’s sting does start to leave
And even though the future seems so bright to us
In this dwelling where it seems so odd to grieve…

And even if you’re smiling down upon us now
And even if you wait with open arms
And even if the thought of time seems foolish
In that realm that’s free from all our cares and harms…

Oh, even though we speak of you with fondness
And even though we proudly say your name
And even though we send your kisses skyward
One heartfelt thought still lingers all the same…

We just miss holding you

–written by Daddy, 12/31/06, after one full calendar year of missing our little girl

Saturday, May 28

Precious Boy!

How can anyone not look at a baby and think about how wonderful and gracious God is? What a a miracle a new life is? How every child is brought here by God for a purpose? And, all in His will?
Well, that is what all I think when I see my precious new one's face. I had a 3D ultrasound at my appointment on Monday, and it was by far the best one yet. Such a clear picture. . .however, he didn't want to uncover his face and only gave us a small peak at his mouth and nose. He favors 2 people in our family of 5, and I'm so excited about it.

Everything looked good with Davis. MCA velocity is still in the 'C' range and cervix looked great. I go back in 2 weeks to recheck all of that. They didn't measure him this time, but they did measure the amniotic fluid which looked good as well. We saw him practice breathing too. My OB is actually leaving and moving away, so I was able to see him one more time. I'm sad to see him go, because he took over my care at about 20 weeks with the triplets and has been my OB ever since. He has definitely been a God send, but I'm in good hands with the other high-risk OB who is also an MFM (maternal fetal specialist). These 2 are the only ones in town, so it's great that I'll just be able to be transferred from one to the other. I'll still be able to contact my current OB if I have any questions, so that is very comforting. He was a huge support to Chris and I after we delivered the triplets, is always so positive and encouraging, and I'm just so thankful that God placed him in our life. He is excited to see how well I'm doing this time. We spoke about my not having diabetes yet, and he said that the next few weeks will show whether or not I'm going to have it this time. The hormone that causes gestational diabetes spikes again in the next few weeks, so if I make it past 32 weeks with no problem then I'm in the clear!!! YAY! How amazing is that?!?! People might be tired of me talking about it  . . . but, I just never ever dreamed, when I felt God telling me it was time to have another baby (when I felt I wasn't quite ready yet due to already having 2 pregnancies back to back and this would make the 3rd pregnancies in 3 years) and that he'd take care of any worries that I had, that he'd do something about my diabetes. Not only has he taken away my bigger fears of a micro-preemie and other issues I've had in the past, kept this antibody thing quiet and not causes issues yet, but he has seemingly cured me of diabetes this time. WOW! It's just so amazing and continues to amaze the doctors. No one ever questioned it- it was just a given that I'd have diabetes, be on insulin, but we knew after dealing with it 3 prior times that it'd be ok and just cause some inconveniences. I'm still going to have weekly biophysical profiles (ultrasounds that rate several things from 1-10), non stress test, and OB appointments due to my history and the antibody issue, but that is fine with us- we'd rather be safe than sorry and ensure this little guy is doing well. Those will start in the next few weeks.
Sounds great to say nine weeks and some days left to go until we meet this little boy face-to-face!

Friday, May 20

Maniac May

Mother's Day Luncheon at Preschool
Bradley made me a picture, corsage, and planted some herbs for me that were added to our herb pot on the deck.  He did great performing. And, he knew the songs so well and was always ahead of everyone else.

Family fun- everyone in the clothes basket!

Look at the beautiful blue eyes! I know I'm a little partial, but we think that we have been blessed with the 2 most gorgeous girls ever! Cameron finally got her 1st top tooth this week at 14 months old. I was beginning to wonder if she had top teeth. And, she only has 3 bottom teeth. It's better to get them later, but the teething thing is getting a little old. :-)

Austin hates for his picture to be taken (perhaps bc I took so many in the NICU or the bright lights remind him of the NICU???.) However, on this day I managed to capture his fun loving, silly personality when he was rocking in Cameron's rocker.  He was saying, "rock, rock" which in the last week he has begun to say short sentences. He often says, " I love chocolate" or " I want apple" (he calls all fresh produce apple) or " I need a bottle". We're so excited about his expanding speech and vocabulary. Another favorite word is "Michael" which is Austin's and Chris' middle names, but he hears it most often with his uncle/my brother. He even tells people that is his name, he'll say, " no, I Miii chaeel" if someone asks if his name is Austin with the cutest little southern drawl.

Look at those 2 having fun!

And, I had to post this picture to show how cute Cameron is holding on for the ride.

Big Brother Bradley had to get in on the fun too!
LOVE having a "big" family as people describe us- seems to be the bigger the family the closer they are!

They played with this clothes basket for a long time.
We have bigger ones too, but they shared so well.

And, since I haven't taken the time to scan in an ultrasound picture of the newest addition I figured I'd post a picture of my belly. 28 weeks! Yay. I go Monday for my next ultrasound, and I'm hoping they will do another 3D ultrasound. The last one he was looking like Bradley and Cameron, so I'm excited to see who he will favor. And, I continue to be so amazed of God's miracles- no diabetes! It continues to blow all the doctor's minds. They say it may still come, but when I spot check my sugar it is actually improving. Wow- when I felt God telling me to give it to Him about whether or not we should have another baby I NEVER dreamed he'd take care of my diabetes!

Austin said, "No, Daddy" when I pointed the camera at him and pointed to Chris to take his picture instead.

Bradley said, "take my picture Mama!"
Less than a week till our big boy graduates from preschool.
And, then he'll have the whole summer off. Yay!

May has been a very busy month for us. Parties, showers, birthday parties, a BBQ, a dedication, a cookout, and the month still isn't over yet. It has been fun hanging out with our friends so much. We're very blessed with our many friends that offer so much love and support! They just continue to go above and beyond, and we're so grateful for God giving us these brothers and sisters in Christ. Next week we have 2 therapy appointments for Austin, my OB appointment, Bradley and I are going to the dentist, Bradley's graduation, our 10 year anniversary, Bradley's last day of school, and we're having family pictures taken too. Chris is off, a couple of days, for our anniversary and to make up for him working the holiday weekend. Then, on Memorial Day we're planning to enjoy some fun in the sun!

A few fun ideas to share to everyone that is local . . .

Rita's Ice
There is one on Harbison Boulevard and one at Sandhills. And, actually this is a chain, so they are throughout SC and the United States.  Very yummy, special treat for our family. Italian Ice and Custard are among their specialties. Chris and Austin enjoyed chocolate custard, which is a lot like soft serve ice cream, but more tasty. Bradley had cherry ice. And, I had a Blendini. They have different ice flavors everyday, and a lot of them are fruit flavored and such a nice light treat. The Blendini mixes ice, custard, and a mix-in. So, I had Smores Ice, Chocolate Custard with Health mixed in - and everyone in our family enjoyed it.

This is something new that will run the 2nd and 4th Saturday from June through October. They're having a kick-off tomorrow, Saturday May 21st. You can view more information at the link above or search for it on Facebook. We're looking forward to checking out the local produce as well as the other things they will offer such as plants and crafts. It will be from 9am-1pm on Main Street, in the vacant lot where Sessions used to be.  It should be something fun for the family, and we're hoping everyone will support the local farms. I bet the produce will be very yummy.

The grand opening, for the one in Lexington, is this Tuesday May 24th. It's a self serve yogurt bar. They have all different flavors of yogurt and toppings, everything from brownies to nuts and ceral to cookie dough, and you can mix and match everything of your choice. It's across from Target in the same area as Travinia's.  Yum Yum!

Wednesday, May 11

Another Week, Another Appointment

I had another OB appointment today with an ultrasound.  Baby Davis looks great. I'm 26 weeks, 4 days, and he measured almost 28 weeks at 2.5lbs and almost the 70th percent. So, a little big but that is nothing unusual with our babies. I'm still measuring 4 weeks ahead by fundal height.  My cervix measurement was good- yay! And, the MCA velocity is in the C range- almost a D- which is awesome. Fluid was good. Everything was awesome with the baby.
Everything looked good with me as well. Weight gain is good and blood pressure is perfect.  I'm always very blessed with hanging out between 90-100/ 60 -50. Yay! Great appointment, and I go back in less than 2 weeks.
On another note, Chris and I have to figure something out with the cars. We can't fit all 3 kids in his car, so I had to drive 15-20 minutes out of the way to switch out cars on my way to my appointment. I had to have the van this morning to take Bradley to school this am, and Chris had to have to van to pick Bradley up from school. I had convinced Chris that there was no need to have 2 cars to fit the entire family, but I'm not so sure about that decision now. What does everyone else do? And, then we'll have one more child in a few months. We also run into problems with childcare during the weekday. We don't have the option of daycare, so I guess that is why these are issues. I want someone who is around the kids a lot and is comfortable with them and they're comfortable with- and everyone knows everyone well. In the next month I'll start going to the doctor weekly, and we won't be able to work around Chris' off days.  And, today Chris was at the extended care longer than normal- it was a little hectic to say the least. It's all over now though for today. We'll see how things go with my next appointment.

Friday, May 6

Crazy Mom Brain

Things that go through my mind during an average naptime:

SICK VISIT  Took Austin and Cameron to the doctor yesterday, because they've had runny noses for a couple of weeks on and off. This week they both started coughing. Austin has been requiring nebulizer treatments while Cameron just seems miserable.  Thankfully, they just had sinus infections and Austin also has an ear infection.  Cool. I'm being serious. They are easily treatable and the best part is Austin's lungs are CLEAR! So, antibiotics for both the little ones and a few more days of treatments for Austin- easy and I can handle that! Austin's tonsils are still huge, but he did well with the sleep study. So, that means NO ENT will touch this kid until he is at least 3 to think about removing them, because Austin is Austin afterall. With his history and lung disease they just don't want to do anything until absolutely necessary.  The pediatrician does think they interfere with his weight gain. He continues to gain a little then lose it and repeats.  Yesterday he only weighed 21 pounds 10 ounces while his "little" sister is hanging out at 25 pounds. However, he continues to stay on his little weight curve, so no one is going to mess with things at this point. Austin really needs to grow, so his lungs can maximize this important time. A child's lungs continue to get new growth and regenerate until they are 6- the more he grows, the more they grow.  So, if you could be praying for that we'd appreciate it very much!

Only a max of 13 weeks till the little guy makes his arrival! Yay! I've got to get going on that nursery and some major reorganization with the kid's stuff. Currently I use that room for majority of the boy's clothes- basically because it's unused so I can- it has been nice to be able to put away their clean clothes when they're sleeping, clean out too small stuff, put away new things, and see what they need etc. It has spoiled me. I have to pick out bedding for this boy. Good thing is he doesn't have to have it to come home- he won't sleep in there anyway for about 8 weeks, but it would be nice to have it done and ready. I had an appointment and ultrasound last week and will have another next week. All looked well. The MCA Velocity did creep up the chart and is on the C/B border now which just means they have to check things at least every 10-14 days. My cervix still looked great via ultrasound.  My OB said that as far as he is concerned that I passed my 3 hour Glucola test, and I'm NOT diabetic this pregnancy. However, with my history I should continue to spot check things every couple of days. He said it almost seems as if I'm hypoglycemic since my 3 hour dropped in the very dangerous range (32- is normally a coma range- thank goodness I recognized the signs and carb overloaded- totally a God thing that I didn't pass out and go unconscious.). No one knows what this all means. It's a little weird, but I'm followed so much that we will all keep close tabs on it and see what happens.  Everything else looks good- no high amniotic fluid yet like last time either. But, I'm measuring 4 weeks ahead. They haven't measured Davis in awhile, so they're guessing he has really grown- by the looks of my belly I believe it! I was excited to see that I've only gained 15lbs in 24 weeks- that is incredible for me and the doctor said that while he would tell someone my size to gain at least 40 he is OK with it because Davis is growing well. And, that I should gain at least a pound a week from here and probably more, so as long as I do that he is fine with it.  To think I could gain only 30 pounds is amazing to me since I always hit over 50! :-) I guess that is what having 3 small children will do for you.

Renovation costs came back more than we were willing to invest in this house. It will still only give us one bathroom for four children and no we aren't sure we are "done" at this point either- that is in God's hands! I think that is doable. . .  Chris not so much  . . .I never had to share a bathroom with a sibling. . . we both agree that they all don't need their own bathroom or bedroom for that matter...and really it'd be good for them to share a bathroom with at least one person.  We have things that we want/need to do to this house. The yard is a mess. Some rooms have never been painted besides that blah, creme, builder paint. Nor do all the rooms have curtains and one particular room is fairly empty and bare.  There is so much wasted space in this house that is really a little more formal than our taste these days. And, one day I'm going to be take a sledge hammer to the laundry room ( more like closet) because it drives me crazy. There are 5 people that need clean laundry- one child vomits enough to make the dirty laundry of what 2 adults do and the little one is the messiest eater and often has at least 2 baths a day and makes enough laundry for 2 kids. What shall we do? So, just praying about God's will with all of it. We're blessed with some awesome neighbors, great location, and more- so very thankful for all of that.

Bradley is growing up. He brought home his cap and gown pictures the other day. He will graduate preschool at the end of the month, Chris and my TEN year anniversary by the way. He looked so old and handsome in his pictures. I had to pick out a baby picture to send to school for the graduation ceremony. And, it was so bittersweet. What a sweet baby he still is, but when I look at him I see that 6 month old that just tugged at my heart string with every little smile. It used to just be the 2 of us most days and nights. Chris worked incredibly long hours as a resident, so Bradley and I were alone all the time. We had lots of play dates and went on lots of walks- spent tons of time outdoors. It was a fun and special time.  I can't imagine life without my 5 other children, but I'm still grateful that I was able to invest all of my time in Bradley. It has shaped him to be such a secure, caring, well- rounded little boy. And, now he can teach his siblings all of the wonderful traits he has been blessed with. On the way home, yesterday, he told me to look at him after being quiet for awhile. So, I looked in the rear view mirror all the way to the 3rd row as that is where he is now in the car. And, he had found Chris' baseball hat and was sipping on his drink from lunch just smiling. I caught a glimpse of what he will look like as a teenager- then he said, "I love you Mama". MELT. MY. HEART!!!

Everywhere we go people ask if Austin and Cameron are twins. It's constant. Then, we say no and then they ask how far apart they are and don't believe they are actually 15 months apart (they think less)- if they inquire more then I explain that Austin was 4 months premature and that they are developmentally and by due date only 12 months apart. Austin only has a couple of inches on Cameron. And, if they're both in the highchairs, being carried, or in the stroller then it's isn't obvious that one moves around a lot better than the other. It's kinda cool, because I always wanted twin.  Then again it's a little sad, because I should be able to say something like "no, these 3 are triplets." Is this all in God's plans? I'm not sure. Will Davis coming make it look like I have triplets on Earth? Not too sure, but I do wonder. Does it matter? Heck no, because I love all these kids so very much- my mind just wonders some days. It will be pretty awesome this time next year having a 6 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old and almost 1 year old! So crazy blessed!

I received flowers from my husband and all six children yesterday. I was very excited, and they're beautiful! It was pretty cool to see all of my children's names filling up the card.  Thank you Sweetie!

We've been planting more things in the yard to fill in the bare spots.  Chris is still working to complete the storage building and lean to part that covers his lawnmower.  We still need to get all the weeds, in the flower beds, controlled and gone. Then, it will be time to put down new much and pine straw.

Then, there is our daily Bible Studies, and that Chris and I have thought about starting a home group. My mind wonders over to thinking of what couples/families would be interested. Would we want to keep the focus on families and children?
TV is another big thing- Austin is addicted to TV and pitches a fit when he wants it on in the car especially. I hate the TV and try to keep their exposure to TV and video games (Bradley is the only one playing video games so far due to age) to a max of 10 hours a week (per recommendation of the AAP- American Academy of Pediatrics). The thing with Austin pitching a fit is I can't quite ignore it like I can with the other 2, because he crying leads to coughing that leads to gagging and ultimately throwing up. However, he has become very interested in books lately so I've been giving him books in the car and so far it has worked well. We were in the car a long time yesterday, going to the doctor across town, and I got to enjoy music. Yay!
Special occasions . . . lots of showers, birthdays and more this month. 2 showers, 3 other parties, Mother's Day, a dedication, a few birthday parties, a preschool graduation, and the list goes on and on.
Coupons and cooking at home. We're still using Southern Savers to save some money and still cooking at home as much as possible. Some days I don't feel like cooking, but we're trying to avoid eating out as much as possible- good for the hips, good for the pocketbook, and good for our family. 
Ahhh, and my mind keeps going but I won't bore you anymore. It really runs when the house is quiet, and I'm thinking of all the things that I want/need to do. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 3


A time to celebrate God giving his only son so that we could have eternal life. We always celebrate our gracious God giving us our children and the huge blessing they are to us.  I don't think we will ever take for granted our many blessings. 
We had a yard sale the day before Easter with all the stuff we were purging to make our life more simple over Lent. We had a birthday party that day as well, and then that evening we had a few friends over to enjoy the beautiful weather with a cookout and egg hunt. We think we will be making that a yearly tradition as it was great. Next time we can plan more and invite all our friends. Easter was nice and relaxing; we had no plans, so we stayed home and spent more time outdoors as a family.

Cameron in her Easter outfit

Austin in his Easter outfit

Bradley hunting eggs

ABC checking out their Easter baskets

Austin playing with his new book from the Easter Bunny

Bradley found the $ that the bunny hid

Cameron ennjoying some Easter dessert after dinner

The boys riding the gator and enjoying the great weather on Easter

Cameron loves being outside

The Wickers
Easter 2011

Thursday, April 21

24 weeks

I'm almost 24 weeks along in the pregnancy. Baby Davis will reach 24 weeks gestation in the next couple of days. Wow! Viability is here.  This is when my triplets were born- so hard to believe.  We knew they were God-given miracles while I was pregnant, but of course they exceeded our expectations. I had an appointment the other day and passed the doctor, in the hall, that delivered the triplets. She remembered me even though our paths only crossed that one day in November 2008. She was an angel sent from God. I've been told that she saved my life and that of my 3 children.  She was elated to see that I'm pregnant again and to hear how well the pregnancy is going and Austin is doing.  She laughingly asked if we wanted more after this, but then before I could answer she said that it looked like my body finally has this all figured out and no point stopping now. I was a little surprised at how emotional I felt after seeing her, but I don't often deal head-on with the emotions that surface surrounding the triplets and everything following them. The kids keep us so busy, including this pregnancy, that we don't have a lot of time to think about "things". Of course there isn't a day that goes by that Brayden and Lexi don't cross my mind. It's still hard to not wonder what life would be like with those 2 sweet babies in addition to our other blessings. Chris and I are often told that it seems like God made us to have a big family, and most people don't realize how big our family truly is. SIX children, 6 blessings, 6 miracles-  yes, that is fairly big, but we love it.
I've been looking for bedding for the new little one and just can't help think how cool it is that we will be welcoming our 4th son. I'm elated to be having another boy. I really didn't care what he was- either way was great. It is wonderful to have at least one of each, and just be thankful for another child. We do have a nursery all setup with all of Austin's stuff still in it. Austin has been sharing a room with Bradley for almost a year now, and we just left all of his stuff the same. However, that stuff was the triplet's stuff, THEIR theme, so I'd like for Davis to have a fresh start- you know he deserves have his HIS theme. Right? Just because he is our 6th child doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to have his things and be celebrated too. So, now I have to come up with a theme. I'm leaning towards nautical, sailboats or whales. We are going to keep the same crib, wall color, and rocking chair- so I have to stick to the current colors in there somewhat. I've never done sailboats and such before. Bradley's theme was transportation in bright colors, and the triplet's theme was animals more so jungle animals and specifically giraffes for Austin. This is all such fun stuff to think about and plan, and I have to say it is as special for Davis as it was for Bradley.
I did mention that I had an OB appointment the other day. I had another ultrasound- yeah another one-this is how my pregnancies go- an ultrasound every other week until the end and it may go to every week at some point. My cervix was "super cervix", as Bradley would say, measuring at over 4.2 and it only has to be 2.5. Then, the MCA velocity is still a category/group 'C', so that is great. It means they will just continue watching things via ultrasound for now. Davis was moving well, and we got some precious 3D pictures. I'm so spoiled with the 3D ultrasounds! Right now, he looks like a cross between Bradley and Austin.  Of course, that means he looks like a good combination of all 3 since Bradley and Cameron look like twins. I'll have to try to scan in some ultrasound pictures of Davis to share with everyone. I don't think I shared that my doctor ended up making me do a 3 hour Glucola the other week. My level wasn't as high as the glucometer read; the blood serum, taken out of the arm, is a more accurate reading. So, I went and did that long, awful test and guess what??!?! I PASSED! No one expected that, and we really don't know what it means besides that fact that I'm not diabetic NOW. It probably means not just yet, and that it will come. I was very excited though, because for a little while longer I can enjoy being pregnant and eat like I want, when and what I want. That is all controlled when I'm diabetic: time I eat, how often, amount/proportion, what etc.So, that is pretty cool! It appears that Baby Davis is happy inside and should stay in past the 24 week mark and for that we are so grateful and blessed.
We have a lot of blessings to celebrate this Easter weekend. Our children top the lists, but most is our Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for giving your only son so that I may have eternal life and be forgiven for all of my sins. How great is our God, sing with me, How great is our God, and all will see How great How great is our God. . .

Some pictures to share, in no particular order. The thing to add pictures was acting weird. . .

Cameron's 1st birthday outfit

Sitting in Austin's chair at the table- enjoying a bowl of dessert. 

Look at those beautiful brown eyes!

The 2 little ones follow their Bradley around all the time. Good thing God made him to be such an awesome big brother- he still says he wants us to have 10 babies!

Bradley with his soccer trophy at the party celebrating another great season.

Ready to ride his bike

Sweet girl saying she wants her Mama

Ridin' the gator; the boys love it.
And, Cameron just watches with great anticipation of when it will be her turn.

Austin was such a big boy carrying the bucket for me while helping himself to some strawberries.

Bradley picked almost an entire basket of strawberries by himself.

And, Cameron just waited patiently on someone to bring her a strawberry.

Going to go pay for our baskets o' berries.

Playtime with Daddy
And, YES, she is usually that happy and always smiling. 


So serious with his cute hair do.

"I'm just a little guy and would never be bad"