Saturday, May 28

Precious Boy!

How can anyone not look at a baby and think about how wonderful and gracious God is? What a a miracle a new life is? How every child is brought here by God for a purpose? And, all in His will?
Well, that is what all I think when I see my precious new one's face. I had a 3D ultrasound at my appointment on Monday, and it was by far the best one yet. Such a clear picture. . .however, he didn't want to uncover his face and only gave us a small peak at his mouth and nose. He favors 2 people in our family of 5, and I'm so excited about it.

Everything looked good with Davis. MCA velocity is still in the 'C' range and cervix looked great. I go back in 2 weeks to recheck all of that. They didn't measure him this time, but they did measure the amniotic fluid which looked good as well. We saw him practice breathing too. My OB is actually leaving and moving away, so I was able to see him one more time. I'm sad to see him go, because he took over my care at about 20 weeks with the triplets and has been my OB ever since. He has definitely been a God send, but I'm in good hands with the other high-risk OB who is also an MFM (maternal fetal specialist). These 2 are the only ones in town, so it's great that I'll just be able to be transferred from one to the other. I'll still be able to contact my current OB if I have any questions, so that is very comforting. He was a huge support to Chris and I after we delivered the triplets, is always so positive and encouraging, and I'm just so thankful that God placed him in our life. He is excited to see how well I'm doing this time. We spoke about my not having diabetes yet, and he said that the next few weeks will show whether or not I'm going to have it this time. The hormone that causes gestational diabetes spikes again in the next few weeks, so if I make it past 32 weeks with no problem then I'm in the clear!!! YAY! How amazing is that?!?! People might be tired of me talking about it  . . . but, I just never ever dreamed, when I felt God telling me it was time to have another baby (when I felt I wasn't quite ready yet due to already having 2 pregnancies back to back and this would make the 3rd pregnancies in 3 years) and that he'd take care of any worries that I had, that he'd do something about my diabetes. Not only has he taken away my bigger fears of a micro-preemie and other issues I've had in the past, kept this antibody thing quiet and not causes issues yet, but he has seemingly cured me of diabetes this time. WOW! It's just so amazing and continues to amaze the doctors. No one ever questioned it- it was just a given that I'd have diabetes, be on insulin, but we knew after dealing with it 3 prior times that it'd be ok and just cause some inconveniences. I'm still going to have weekly biophysical profiles (ultrasounds that rate several things from 1-10), non stress test, and OB appointments due to my history and the antibody issue, but that is fine with us- we'd rather be safe than sorry and ensure this little guy is doing well. Those will start in the next few weeks.
Sounds great to say nine weeks and some days left to go until we meet this little boy face-to-face!

Friday, May 20

Maniac May

Mother's Day Luncheon at Preschool
Bradley made me a picture, corsage, and planted some herbs for me that were added to our herb pot on the deck.  He did great performing. And, he knew the songs so well and was always ahead of everyone else.

Family fun- everyone in the clothes basket!

Look at the beautiful blue eyes! I know I'm a little partial, but we think that we have been blessed with the 2 most gorgeous girls ever! Cameron finally got her 1st top tooth this week at 14 months old. I was beginning to wonder if she had top teeth. And, she only has 3 bottom teeth. It's better to get them later, but the teething thing is getting a little old. :-)

Austin hates for his picture to be taken (perhaps bc I took so many in the NICU or the bright lights remind him of the NICU???.) However, on this day I managed to capture his fun loving, silly personality when he was rocking in Cameron's rocker.  He was saying, "rock, rock" which in the last week he has begun to say short sentences. He often says, " I love chocolate" or " I want apple" (he calls all fresh produce apple) or " I need a bottle". We're so excited about his expanding speech and vocabulary. Another favorite word is "Michael" which is Austin's and Chris' middle names, but he hears it most often with his uncle/my brother. He even tells people that is his name, he'll say, " no, I Miii chaeel" if someone asks if his name is Austin with the cutest little southern drawl.

Look at those 2 having fun!

And, I had to post this picture to show how cute Cameron is holding on for the ride.

Big Brother Bradley had to get in on the fun too!
LOVE having a "big" family as people describe us- seems to be the bigger the family the closer they are!

They played with this clothes basket for a long time.
We have bigger ones too, but they shared so well.

And, since I haven't taken the time to scan in an ultrasound picture of the newest addition I figured I'd post a picture of my belly. 28 weeks! Yay. I go Monday for my next ultrasound, and I'm hoping they will do another 3D ultrasound. The last one he was looking like Bradley and Cameron, so I'm excited to see who he will favor. And, I continue to be so amazed of God's miracles- no diabetes! It continues to blow all the doctor's minds. They say it may still come, but when I spot check my sugar it is actually improving. Wow- when I felt God telling me to give it to Him about whether or not we should have another baby I NEVER dreamed he'd take care of my diabetes!

Austin said, "No, Daddy" when I pointed the camera at him and pointed to Chris to take his picture instead.

Bradley said, "take my picture Mama!"
Less than a week till our big boy graduates from preschool.
And, then he'll have the whole summer off. Yay!

May has been a very busy month for us. Parties, showers, birthday parties, a BBQ, a dedication, a cookout, and the month still isn't over yet. It has been fun hanging out with our friends so much. We're very blessed with our many friends that offer so much love and support! They just continue to go above and beyond, and we're so grateful for God giving us these brothers and sisters in Christ. Next week we have 2 therapy appointments for Austin, my OB appointment, Bradley and I are going to the dentist, Bradley's graduation, our 10 year anniversary, Bradley's last day of school, and we're having family pictures taken too. Chris is off, a couple of days, for our anniversary and to make up for him working the holiday weekend. Then, on Memorial Day we're planning to enjoy some fun in the sun!

A few fun ideas to share to everyone that is local . . .

Rita's Ice
There is one on Harbison Boulevard and one at Sandhills. And, actually this is a chain, so they are throughout SC and the United States.  Very yummy, special treat for our family. Italian Ice and Custard are among their specialties. Chris and Austin enjoyed chocolate custard, which is a lot like soft serve ice cream, but more tasty. Bradley had cherry ice. And, I had a Blendini. They have different ice flavors everyday, and a lot of them are fruit flavored and such a nice light treat. The Blendini mixes ice, custard, and a mix-in. So, I had Smores Ice, Chocolate Custard with Health mixed in - and everyone in our family enjoyed it.

This is something new that will run the 2nd and 4th Saturday from June through October. They're having a kick-off tomorrow, Saturday May 21st. You can view more information at the link above or search for it on Facebook. We're looking forward to checking out the local produce as well as the other things they will offer such as plants and crafts. It will be from 9am-1pm on Main Street, in the vacant lot where Sessions used to be.  It should be something fun for the family, and we're hoping everyone will support the local farms. I bet the produce will be very yummy.

The grand opening, for the one in Lexington, is this Tuesday May 24th. It's a self serve yogurt bar. They have all different flavors of yogurt and toppings, everything from brownies to nuts and ceral to cookie dough, and you can mix and match everything of your choice. It's across from Target in the same area as Travinia's.  Yum Yum!

Wednesday, May 11

Another Week, Another Appointment

I had another OB appointment today with an ultrasound.  Baby Davis looks great. I'm 26 weeks, 4 days, and he measured almost 28 weeks at 2.5lbs and almost the 70th percent. So, a little big but that is nothing unusual with our babies. I'm still measuring 4 weeks ahead by fundal height.  My cervix measurement was good- yay! And, the MCA velocity is in the C range- almost a D- which is awesome. Fluid was good. Everything was awesome with the baby.
Everything looked good with me as well. Weight gain is good and blood pressure is perfect.  I'm always very blessed with hanging out between 90-100/ 60 -50. Yay! Great appointment, and I go back in less than 2 weeks.
On another note, Chris and I have to figure something out with the cars. We can't fit all 3 kids in his car, so I had to drive 15-20 minutes out of the way to switch out cars on my way to my appointment. I had to have the van this morning to take Bradley to school this am, and Chris had to have to van to pick Bradley up from school. I had convinced Chris that there was no need to have 2 cars to fit the entire family, but I'm not so sure about that decision now. What does everyone else do? And, then we'll have one more child in a few months. We also run into problems with childcare during the weekday. We don't have the option of daycare, so I guess that is why these are issues. I want someone who is around the kids a lot and is comfortable with them and they're comfortable with- and everyone knows everyone well. In the next month I'll start going to the doctor weekly, and we won't be able to work around Chris' off days.  And, today Chris was at the extended care longer than normal- it was a little hectic to say the least. It's all over now though for today. We'll see how things go with my next appointment.

Friday, May 6

Crazy Mom Brain

Things that go through my mind during an average naptime:

SICK VISIT  Took Austin and Cameron to the doctor yesterday, because they've had runny noses for a couple of weeks on and off. This week they both started coughing. Austin has been requiring nebulizer treatments while Cameron just seems miserable.  Thankfully, they just had sinus infections and Austin also has an ear infection.  Cool. I'm being serious. They are easily treatable and the best part is Austin's lungs are CLEAR! So, antibiotics for both the little ones and a few more days of treatments for Austin- easy and I can handle that! Austin's tonsils are still huge, but he did well with the sleep study. So, that means NO ENT will touch this kid until he is at least 3 to think about removing them, because Austin is Austin afterall. With his history and lung disease they just don't want to do anything until absolutely necessary.  The pediatrician does think they interfere with his weight gain. He continues to gain a little then lose it and repeats.  Yesterday he only weighed 21 pounds 10 ounces while his "little" sister is hanging out at 25 pounds. However, he continues to stay on his little weight curve, so no one is going to mess with things at this point. Austin really needs to grow, so his lungs can maximize this important time. A child's lungs continue to get new growth and regenerate until they are 6- the more he grows, the more they grow.  So, if you could be praying for that we'd appreciate it very much!

Only a max of 13 weeks till the little guy makes his arrival! Yay! I've got to get going on that nursery and some major reorganization with the kid's stuff. Currently I use that room for majority of the boy's clothes- basically because it's unused so I can- it has been nice to be able to put away their clean clothes when they're sleeping, clean out too small stuff, put away new things, and see what they need etc. It has spoiled me. I have to pick out bedding for this boy. Good thing is he doesn't have to have it to come home- he won't sleep in there anyway for about 8 weeks, but it would be nice to have it done and ready. I had an appointment and ultrasound last week and will have another next week. All looked well. The MCA Velocity did creep up the chart and is on the C/B border now which just means they have to check things at least every 10-14 days. My cervix still looked great via ultrasound.  My OB said that as far as he is concerned that I passed my 3 hour Glucola test, and I'm NOT diabetic this pregnancy. However, with my history I should continue to spot check things every couple of days. He said it almost seems as if I'm hypoglycemic since my 3 hour dropped in the very dangerous range (32- is normally a coma range- thank goodness I recognized the signs and carb overloaded- totally a God thing that I didn't pass out and go unconscious.). No one knows what this all means. It's a little weird, but I'm followed so much that we will all keep close tabs on it and see what happens.  Everything else looks good- no high amniotic fluid yet like last time either. But, I'm measuring 4 weeks ahead. They haven't measured Davis in awhile, so they're guessing he has really grown- by the looks of my belly I believe it! I was excited to see that I've only gained 15lbs in 24 weeks- that is incredible for me and the doctor said that while he would tell someone my size to gain at least 40 he is OK with it because Davis is growing well. And, that I should gain at least a pound a week from here and probably more, so as long as I do that he is fine with it.  To think I could gain only 30 pounds is amazing to me since I always hit over 50! :-) I guess that is what having 3 small children will do for you.

Renovation costs came back more than we were willing to invest in this house. It will still only give us one bathroom for four children and no we aren't sure we are "done" at this point either- that is in God's hands! I think that is doable. . .  Chris not so much  . . .I never had to share a bathroom with a sibling. . . we both agree that they all don't need their own bathroom or bedroom for that matter...and really it'd be good for them to share a bathroom with at least one person.  We have things that we want/need to do to this house. The yard is a mess. Some rooms have never been painted besides that blah, creme, builder paint. Nor do all the rooms have curtains and one particular room is fairly empty and bare.  There is so much wasted space in this house that is really a little more formal than our taste these days. And, one day I'm going to be take a sledge hammer to the laundry room ( more like closet) because it drives me crazy. There are 5 people that need clean laundry- one child vomits enough to make the dirty laundry of what 2 adults do and the little one is the messiest eater and often has at least 2 baths a day and makes enough laundry for 2 kids. What shall we do? So, just praying about God's will with all of it. We're blessed with some awesome neighbors, great location, and more- so very thankful for all of that.

Bradley is growing up. He brought home his cap and gown pictures the other day. He will graduate preschool at the end of the month, Chris and my TEN year anniversary by the way. He looked so old and handsome in his pictures. I had to pick out a baby picture to send to school for the graduation ceremony. And, it was so bittersweet. What a sweet baby he still is, but when I look at him I see that 6 month old that just tugged at my heart string with every little smile. It used to just be the 2 of us most days and nights. Chris worked incredibly long hours as a resident, so Bradley and I were alone all the time. We had lots of play dates and went on lots of walks- spent tons of time outdoors. It was a fun and special time.  I can't imagine life without my 5 other children, but I'm still grateful that I was able to invest all of my time in Bradley. It has shaped him to be such a secure, caring, well- rounded little boy. And, now he can teach his siblings all of the wonderful traits he has been blessed with. On the way home, yesterday, he told me to look at him after being quiet for awhile. So, I looked in the rear view mirror all the way to the 3rd row as that is where he is now in the car. And, he had found Chris' baseball hat and was sipping on his drink from lunch just smiling. I caught a glimpse of what he will look like as a teenager- then he said, "I love you Mama". MELT. MY. HEART!!!

Everywhere we go people ask if Austin and Cameron are twins. It's constant. Then, we say no and then they ask how far apart they are and don't believe they are actually 15 months apart (they think less)- if they inquire more then I explain that Austin was 4 months premature and that they are developmentally and by due date only 12 months apart. Austin only has a couple of inches on Cameron. And, if they're both in the highchairs, being carried, or in the stroller then it's isn't obvious that one moves around a lot better than the other. It's kinda cool, because I always wanted twin.  Then again it's a little sad, because I should be able to say something like "no, these 3 are triplets." Is this all in God's plans? I'm not sure. Will Davis coming make it look like I have triplets on Earth? Not too sure, but I do wonder. Does it matter? Heck no, because I love all these kids so very much- my mind just wonders some days. It will be pretty awesome this time next year having a 6 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old and almost 1 year old! So crazy blessed!

I received flowers from my husband and all six children yesterday. I was very excited, and they're beautiful! It was pretty cool to see all of my children's names filling up the card.  Thank you Sweetie!

We've been planting more things in the yard to fill in the bare spots.  Chris is still working to complete the storage building and lean to part that covers his lawnmower.  We still need to get all the weeds, in the flower beds, controlled and gone. Then, it will be time to put down new much and pine straw.

Then, there is our daily Bible Studies, and that Chris and I have thought about starting a home group. My mind wonders over to thinking of what couples/families would be interested. Would we want to keep the focus on families and children?
TV is another big thing- Austin is addicted to TV and pitches a fit when he wants it on in the car especially. I hate the TV and try to keep their exposure to TV and video games (Bradley is the only one playing video games so far due to age) to a max of 10 hours a week (per recommendation of the AAP- American Academy of Pediatrics). The thing with Austin pitching a fit is I can't quite ignore it like I can with the other 2, because he crying leads to coughing that leads to gagging and ultimately throwing up. However, he has become very interested in books lately so I've been giving him books in the car and so far it has worked well. We were in the car a long time yesterday, going to the doctor across town, and I got to enjoy music. Yay!
Special occasions . . . lots of showers, birthdays and more this month. 2 showers, 3 other parties, Mother's Day, a dedication, a few birthday parties, a preschool graduation, and the list goes on and on.
Coupons and cooking at home. We're still using Southern Savers to save some money and still cooking at home as much as possible. Some days I don't feel like cooking, but we're trying to avoid eating out as much as possible- good for the hips, good for the pocketbook, and good for our family. 
Ahhh, and my mind keeps going but I won't bore you anymore. It really runs when the house is quiet, and I'm thinking of all the things that I want/need to do. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 3


A time to celebrate God giving his only son so that we could have eternal life. We always celebrate our gracious God giving us our children and the huge blessing they are to us.  I don't think we will ever take for granted our many blessings. 
We had a yard sale the day before Easter with all the stuff we were purging to make our life more simple over Lent. We had a birthday party that day as well, and then that evening we had a few friends over to enjoy the beautiful weather with a cookout and egg hunt. We think we will be making that a yearly tradition as it was great. Next time we can plan more and invite all our friends. Easter was nice and relaxing; we had no plans, so we stayed home and spent more time outdoors as a family.

Cameron in her Easter outfit

Austin in his Easter outfit

Bradley hunting eggs

ABC checking out their Easter baskets

Austin playing with his new book from the Easter Bunny

Bradley found the $ that the bunny hid

Cameron ennjoying some Easter dessert after dinner

The boys riding the gator and enjoying the great weather on Easter

Cameron loves being outside

The Wickers
Easter 2011