Tuesday, January 10

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

So, I know I'm very slack with blogs these days. Life is busy! Even though we try to keep it simple, having 4 children 5 and under keeps us going.
Just going to briefly, and please excuse any grammatical errors, give quick little updates. Forgive me if I repeat myself as I can't even remember what I've posted about lately! :-) Wow, life is crazy but oh so blessed!
As you know we're constantly trying to improve ourselves in the Wicker Household. We make a huge effort to include God in every minute of every day, because that is what matters most. Then, we concentrate on our family and friends- loving others. Just before Christmas, a friend of mine, Sarah found out she had breast cancer. I have to admit I was devastated, and I think about her and pray for her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I didn't meet Sarah until after I had Bradley, but we met through Bible Study where I also met some other great life long friends. Sarah and her husband, Chad, have 2 precious twin girls Bradley's age. One of them is in Bradley's class.  Sarah has been a wonderful friend to me. We met right before I started going through fertility treatments and connected through our stories of that as she had been down that road too. She was there through the triplets pregnancy, came to see me in the hospital, and came to visit Austin throughout his NICU stay. Not all of my friends or even family could handle that hard time in my life like Sarah did. While we don't talk as often as I'd like, nor see each other much, she is still a special person in my life and I love her for always being here for my family and me. She definitely holds a special place in my heart! So, at just 36 it was hard to believe her cancer diagnosis- she is too young for this in my opinion. However, she is remaining positive and upbeat. And, I'm just amazed by her . . . by GOD! She is a believer, and says God has given her peace. She is handling this diagnosis with such strength and grace- no doubt that is God working in and through her. So, next Wednesday she is is having a double mastectomy and I want all of you to please be praying for her and her family. Pray for her surgeon and the doctors that will be working on her case. Pray for the test results, after the surgery, to come back showing that the surgery got everything. She wants to ensure with the mastectomy that she will be around for 50+ more years, so pray for her peace about that as well. Pray for her strength, for her family to cope well as she is recovering, and for God to cover them in His protection.  Just pray, pray, pray in anyway that God places it on your heart to pray.
So, Sarah doesn't have any risk factors, no family history, eats healthy, and doesn't have any bad habits. It just blows my mind. This has led me to think about each little thing that my family consumes and other things we can do to try to be as healthy as possible. Thus leading to me start up a produce co-op.  I've been interested in starting one for awhile and even participated in one last spring and summer- and it was great. This one will be through a local produce company, Senn Brothers, based out at the Farmer's Market. I've found 17 other families to participate. I will order the produce every other week and it will be delivered on Fridays biweekly. Then, I will sort the items and everyone will come pick them up in the next day. We will be getting good quality items for cheaper prices than the grocery stores offer. I'm very excited about it.  I'm also trying to decrease the amount of processed foods we consume and eat more fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins. I'm hoping this will help us stay healthy, fit, and be good on the pocketbook too. I'm also thinking about making my own laundry and dish detergent as well. It's pretty interesting how God is planting these seeds, because at the same time as all of these thoughts to keep my family healthy were going through my mind a friend posted recipes to the detergents on Facebook. Crazy huh?!?! The more simple life is the more we can focus on THE word of the Lord right? Another friend is checking into buying meat in bulk too to see if we can get a better price on lean meats.
We do have our house on the market, but we are just taking that one day at a time. The end result to be in a very family oriented neighborhood with lots to do as a family makes any aggravation more bearable as well as getting into a house that better suites our family and doesn't have wasted space. Obviously this isn't a busy time of the year in real estate, so we know it may take a few months for things to pickup. We have had a few people come and see the house and have gotten great feedback so far.
Bradley is having his tonsils and adenoids removed this Friday as I posted before, so please keep him in your prayers.
We've planned a family vacation this summer to Isle of Palms and are so excited. We're going with Chris' sister and her family, so I'm sure that will make it extra fun to have others to hangout with- we all like to do the same things and eat lots of good while on vacation. The countdown is on . . .less than 5 months! Yay! That also means I've got less than 5 months to get this body in shape- what a work in progress after birthing 6 kids, but I'll keep working at it. Exercise makes me a better person all around especially a better wife and mom.
Also, please be praying for us as we plan to return to church after RSV season (mid March). The doctors have given Austin the ok to go into church nursery as well as register him for preschool next year. They said it's ok to see how he does and try it.  Pray for God to grant us peace and keep Austin well as well as the whole family! I'm very excited about this too, and I'm going to be starting a 4 week Bible Study tomorrow too. My 1st group study since I got pregnant with the triplets. It's about learning how to teach others about God which is very cool.
So, sorry this is so quick and all over the place- BUT the main reason for the post was to ask for prayers for Sarah. Thank you all so much!