Tuesday, May 22

Bad, bad blogger! Part 2

I'm sorry I've been neglecting the blog, but I've been busy just enjoying our blessings. Life is great; absolutely no complaints. I've got to do better documenting this precious season in life, because I know these memories will be so appreciated when my babies are older. What joy they bring to us. I just can't say that enough. The simple things are absolutely the best . . . an afternoon outside in the sprinklers, a picnic, giggles, and so many sweet moments are what life is all about.
The Wicker Alphabet is thriving and doing very well. I'll catch up soon, but in the meantime I think I'm going to take this blog private to protect my family. I know there are a lot of brothers and sisters in Christ, that we don't know, that read this blog and I will continue to allow that. I just want to guard against the others evil in this world and this is one way I may be able to do so. God has laid it on my heart and made me aware that the Devil is out there.  So, please start emailing me if you want to be added to be allowed to read the blog. I covet all of your prayers for our family, and I want to be able to keep you all updated on our whereabouts. So, please email me: LHWicker@windstream.net You will just have to sign into google, which is free and easy, then it will allow you to have access to our site. I have some other friends that have done this and there have been no issues. You may also contact me on Facebook to gain access. (Lisa Hawkins Wicker). Thanks so much and prayers all is well with you!