Saturday, September 25

Hey Y'all! We're havin' a ball in the Fall!

I thought it'd be a good idea to update on our whereabouts these days.  Posts to follow soon will include: new recipes, my fabulous' friends business Frills & Flowers , Cameron's 6 month pictures were taken by our sweet neighbors Paul and Kelli Gowder @ Gowder Photography, an update on my sewing projects that are getting there slowly but surely, and the Baby Reunion with Advanced FertilityThese are links for all of the businesses above, so check it out in your spare time- awesome people!

We're going on a little trip to the mountains soon.  Our destination is Hendersonville, NC.  Our main goal is to pick apples while there and just enjoy some special family time.  Chris' sister and her family will be joining us for one night, so that will be extra fun for the kids to enjoy time with their cousins.  If anyone has any suggestions for family fun in the Hendersonville area please comment or send me an email. 

Bradley has started his last year of preschool.  It's so bittersweet as he won't have any idea what is going on next year when he goes all day everyday.  I'll miss that boy so much, but they all grow up.  And, I have no doubt that God will lead him to do amazing things.  B is doing great in school and has adjusted wonderfully.  He adores his teachera and the feeling seem to be mutual.  He is going 3 days a week from 9am-12nooni as  I didn't see any reason to make him go longer since this year is the last year for him to be home any. He does enjoy school, but if you give him the choice he'd prefer to stay home.  They are studying one letter per week. Last week was 'A', and learned how to make the 'A" sounds and had to take show-n-tell which had to be something that started with an 'A'. They also had to take 3 clues to tell the class, so that they could try to guess it before he showed it to them.  The clues were: 1.  I wear it in the kitchen. 2.  It can come in all different shapes and sizes.  3;  It protects my clothes.  Can you guess what it was?   . . . (the answer is at the bottom of this post)  This week was the letter 'B' and Bradley took his Daddy's childhood bear for a bear picnic on the playground.  Bradley brings me a flower almost everyday when I pick him up just like last year.  And, he always so excited to see us and tell Austin, Cameron, and me that he missed us.  Soccer season started a couple of weeks ago and we had our first game this past Sunday.  Bradley has improved some, but gets easily distracted.  We put him in soccer, so that he could learn to be a team player and good sportsmanship which he is learning.  Play your hardest, and whether you win or lose doesn't matter. 

Austin is doing well.  He is hanging out at 21 pounds, but has grown a good bit in length.  He still is only wearing 18 month and moving into 24 month clothes.  He'll get there though when God is ready.  He eats much better than he used to, so that is reassuring.  He isn't picky and will try anything once which is wonderful since his big brother is so picky.  Austin had his monthly speech session this past week.  He is progressing as far as his speech, but as he gets closer to 2 we should see him have about a 50 word vocabulary and stringing 2 words together.  He only has about 25 word right now, which these are words that he uses on his own without being prompted.  He says a good bit when I prompt him these days.  And, the last couple of days he has said more words on his own so that is wonderful. Austin did have a cold/viral thing last week and had some wheezing.  It was the first time he has done that with a cold in a long time, but we took him to the doctor and he is already much better.  Praise be to God! We still don't know what to expect from him when he gets sick, but have been told that he should start handling things better at 2.  He is 22 months now, and that is so hard to believe.  He is 18 months adjusted and does act more like an 18 month old with his tantrums and fits.  Mostly, though, he is sweet and very loving.  We're going to start planing his 2nd birthday party soon; that is so hard to believe! I still cry when I think about how far he has come and the odds that he has beat.  And, when he was sick last week his coughing would make him throw up so we just let him sleep with us a few nights and it was so precious.  He would get in between Chris and me and lay down on the pillow on his back and then pull the covers up to his chest like a big boy and smile so big. Then, once he was feeling better he would start saying, " Bu. . .ba  Bu . . .ba" over and over and we'd ask if he was ready to go back to bed with Bradley and he'd point to their room. Then, we'd take him back and he would go right to sleep.

Cameron Girl is growing, growing, growing.  At her 4 month well check she was 25 inches and 15 pounds putting her over the 95th percentiles.  Now, she is at least 19 pounds and is filling up 9 month clothes. I'm praying it starts to cool off, so we don't have to buy 12 month warm weather clothes.  However, if it doesn't hurry up and start changing we're going to be in trouble. She goes Monday for her 6 month well check; cant wait to see how much she has grown.  She is rolling well both ways and sits up well assisted.  She is definitely getting strong and can sit up a few seconds unassisted.  Cameron's leg strength has increased a lot over the last month, and she started to enjoy standing.  She seems to enjoy spending time in the exersaucer, and she likes to sit in her Bumbo seat on the island when I'm cooking.  Cameron is our best baby, by far, at taking her bottles and eating solids.  We're still doing 2 meals a day as there is no rush to go up to 3 meals.  Until 9 months baby food is just for practice, so I'm not sure when we'll add that 3rd meal.  Most days I feed her half a vegetable and fruit at both meals.  She will also eat any food I give her. That just amazes us as we've never had another baby do that before! Yay! Cameron is taking 2 good naps a day; her morning nap average 1.5 hours and her afternoon is at least 2 hours.  We start baths at night at 8:30, and she is in bed asleep before 9.  This past week she went until 7:45 one morning (and then I woke her up to give her a bottle because of her reflux medicine), but most mornings she goes until at least 6 if not 7.  I guess there is something to say for letting them learn to put themselves to sleep and letting them cry it out some. 

Well, it's getting late and we never know what the night will hold with Austin and/or Cameron.  So, I just want to say that we're thoroughly enjoying our 3 little miracles that God has blessed us with.  Life is crazy and busy, but it's all so welcoming.  This week we loaded up all 3 kids, after Chris got home from work, and took a picnic to the park.  Things like that are what life is all about for us and it's wonderful.  I hate to sound so happy because I know that others may be going through hard times, but we truly are that happy- and I hope that everyone sees God shinning through our family.  It give us faith that God may have trials, but if we just lean on Him we'll find out that He is preparing us for something incredible.  Have a blessed weekend; we're praying for cooler temperatures!

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Saturday, September 4

I can talk talk talk!

Isn't it great That I articulate?
Isn't it grand
That you can understand?

I don't grunt, I don't oink
I don't even squeak or squawk
When I wanna say a something
I open up and talk

I can talk!
I can talk talk talk
I can talk!

That is the part of a song in one of my favorite childhood movies, Charlotte's Web.  And, I think about it when I hear my children talk.  Chris will make fun of me when he reads that!

Bradley talks constantly these days and has for a couple of years.  Now, Austin is starting to talk more and more and it's adorable! I LOVE there cute little words they make up for things.  I wanted to journal Bradley's first little words before I forget them. He had nicknames for a few things, and now I'm realizing how precious they were and am missing those sweet little words.  As his speech developed he replaced those words for the real ones: "Ah Ah" for Mickey Mouse, " 9, 10, 11" for a tape measure, "Gonka" for Uncle Michael, "Sockerwocker" for umm  . . well his boy's anatomy (he might be upset with me one day for sharing this with the world, but it's precious).  That last word it took FOREVER for me to figure out what he was saying, but finally one day he had a stuffed animal that he was playing with.  And, he had a diaper on it and as he changed it he mentioned the word and pointed and I finally understood. We didn't talk about it much, so I have no idea how he started saying that- but you know kids only have to hear it once.  When he would say that he was a little boy, which I had him say a lot because it was so cute  . . . he would say "lil lil lil boooyy" and drag the word out. M & M's was a cute word too, but I can't possibly write it out and wish I had videoed him more than the few times that I did. He rolled his tongue with this word and didn't really say much at all, but that is definitely what he was talking about.  When he would say "snack" he would scrunch his nose and say "naaack".  These days I love him to hear him say "I will" as he says it with a strong southern accent. He stutters a good bit, but the doctor isn't concerned.  She says it's just because his mind works so fast, and he gets so excited when he is trying to tell us something.  Bradley has always been a very verbal child and these days he talks from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep (sometimes in his sleep too).
Now, Austin has started saying things. He says "bye" very well and "da da", and he is always walking around saying "Aaah mmmn" for Amen.  I think he is surely being grateful that God spared him and kept him here on earth to share his amazing testimony with the world. :-) I think Austin will be a preacher, so he has to get started early. Right?!!! :-) And he says "Austin" and pronounces it "Aaas tin" He also does a fairly good job pronouncing the following words: more, shoes, please, cheese, bottle, I love you, Mama, and Bubba.  I've noticed him saying "umpa" a lot and he pronounces like the Greek word "Oopaah." You know what I'm talking about? When Greeks are dancing and celebrating they say it? I've tried to figure out what he is saying, and I think it's his word for Mickey Mouse, which is his favorite show. I can't believe he has a favorite show as Bradley didn't even watch TV really at Austin's age, but what can I say besides that his big brother love TV and well you know how it goes. I limit their exposure TV, but it is nice to have when I have something I must do with Cameron or around the house.  Our little Goofy also walks around saying "Hup, 2, 3, 4" and trying to sing the "ABC's" as well as our "Night Night" song. He does pretty well with most of those and gets about every other word. 
Austin is going to be 2 before we know it; he is receiving monthly speech therapy.  At 2, with any therapy, they drop the adjusted age and expect them to perform at their actual age level.  So, we'll see how it goes with that.  His speech therapist is pleased with what Austin is doing.  He is making a lot more sounds and babbling more often.  Chris and I have been given directions on what we should be doing to help him which includes labeling things and activity's, singing, and reading are just a few things.  Austin talks more for Bradley than anyone else, and Bradley even works with him as well . . . TOO precious!
Cameron is turning out to be very verbal as well.  She likes to make this grunting noise and makes this other sounds like a growl- not sure about that one! She also has some sweet cooing and laughs too.  She laughs all the time. 
Speech therapy also includes feeding issues, so I'll journal that as well.  Austin has no problems with eating anymore, and it's wonderful.  His favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly, bananas, cheese, strawberries, and macaroni and cheese.  He will try almost anything.  The other week I put a PBJ on the table for myself and went to do something.  When I came back, Austin was in my seat (because he already had lunch and was down and playing) eating MY sandwich with a fork.  He will not let us feed him anymore and eats with a fork at every meal.  He is still taking bottles throughout the day; we just can't get him weaned since he see Cameron getting a bottle.  He drinks a lot of milk.  Bradley always has too, and the boys go through one gallon of milk at lease every other day! They are going to have some strong bones.  Bradley is probably the pickiest eater as funny as that is since he has always been so big (he stays in about the 80th percentiles).  Bradley's favorite foods are bologna, bagel bites, most fruits, peanut butter and crackers, and pickles.  Thank God for vitamins; the pediatrician says one day he will grow out of it.  We have tried everything to get him to try other things, but nothing works.  I'm open to any ideas that y'all may have!  Cameron has tried every flavor of stage one baby foods and will eat it all. She eats about 2 jars of baby food a day; one jar of fruit at lunch and about 1/2 a jar of vegetables and 1/2 a jar of fruit at supper.  She take her bottle better than any baby we've ever had, but she just takes the minimal amount most days.  Hopefully, she'll like milk as much as the boys!  Her size hasn't suffered at all as she is almost in the 100%! Big Girl! We'll see if she can hit 20 pounds at 6 months like Bradley; she has been about the same length as him all along.  Now, if we can just get Austin to move up on the growth chart that sure would be nice! Austin is in about the 3% for weight and 5% for height, but he did make it on there before 2- which is when they want them to catch up! He is on the go so much, and his lungs still aren't up to par.  So, he burns a lot of calories breathing.  He will get there eventually, and we are just thankful that he is here and has stayed so healthy. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! We have a lot of fun things planned as a family.