Wednesday, November 10

So much to do in so little time!

I just wanted to give a quick update to let everyone know that we are all alive and doing well. Chris has been working a lot more than usual I(as if his 60-65 hrs a normal week aren't enough :-)), and we've been busy doing some things around the house, inside and out.  I've been staying up until midnight or later lately in order to finish the necessities: laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. That doesn't even include the sewing projects and other things I've always got going on.  I know some working  moms really miss their kids during the day, and have no choice about working.  However, I don't think some people realize what all I'm doing all day.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being home with my babies and wouldn't trade it for anything . . . just don't think some realize how much work is involved and what all it entails.  It's truly a labor of love that is well worth the sacrifices.  Let me get off that soapbox, because it's something I feel very strongly about and am very sensitive when I don't get the respect I feel I deserve. I keep reminding myself that God has called me to do this, and HE is all that matters. 
So, obviously we've had a lot going on as you can tell from my lack of updates on the blog.  I've been sewing (including making the kid's Halloween costumes and treat bags) and appliqueing, being team mom for Bradley's soccer team and getting everything ready for the end of year party tomorrow night, getting family pictures done, planning Austin's 2nd birthday party, doing some work in the yard, painting inside, finally getting some things done inside, changing around things in the garage to make room for a frig (bc the boys drink so much milk that we have to go to the store lots just for milk! they drink a gallon every other day!), and the list goes on and on.  All good things to be busy with- good thing we try to live a simple life and stick to the basics! :-)
The kids have been busy growing.  B is wearing regular 5 pants and size 6 shirts, even his feet seem to be growing fast these days.  He has always had small feet, but all of a sudden he is wearing 10/11 size shoes.   He is enjoying preschool most days this year. He still begs to stay home, but enjoys it once there.  We've seen a huge improvement in his soccer skills lately. B is running much faster too and staying more focused.  I've been working on reading and writing with Bradley.  He is becoming much more inquisitive about things, such as the planets, volcanoes, sharks, and season changes to name a few.  So, it's fun to do a little homeschooling here and there with him.  Bradley continues to be helpful around the house and enjoys doing chores and anything that will help us.  My goal is to have him responsible for things everyday; he already takes his plate to the sink and throws out his own trash.  We also continue to work on making good choices, and others often hear us ask Bradley if something was a good choice or bad choice.  We hope that will make him realize he is responsible for his own actions.  We pray that God will give us great wisdom as to how to lead our children the right way.
A has lengthened out a good bit, but he still doesn't even weigh 22lbs.  Most of his pants are 18m, but he can wear 24/2t shirts.  He just saw his speech therapist yesterday, and she is going to start seeing him once a week in hopes of increasing his vocabulary and improving other speech issues he has.  His pronunciation is good, but he should be saying two-word phrases which he isn't.  He is also going to be evaluated by Bright Start again, after some issues with Baby Net, to make sure he is on target for his actual age.  As far as therapy, Austin will officially lose his adjusted age on his second birthday, so they expect him to perform like a two-year old.  It's a little silly, but he will catch up eventually- hopefully by the time he starts school! I can't wait to see what percentiles Austin is in for his size at his two-year well visit; I'm hoping he is on the growth chart!  He has shown more lung issues this fall and is requiring the inhaler more often. . . . but I think that is just part of his lung disease.  All in all, he has come a very long way and has done far better than ever imagined. 
Austin's 2 yr well-visit and Cameron's 9m well-visit are scheduled for the same day in December.  I still can't believe I have babies that close together, but it's awesome! Cameron is weighing in around 21lb and is wearing mostly 18m clothes.  She has even worn some 24m/2t shirts which are still tight in the arms.  She is a chunky girl, and like all my babies I love it! Cameron is sitting up unassisted and rolling everywhere. She can even pull herself to sitting.  She is scooting some on her belly, so I'm not sure if she may do an army crawl. She can't get on all fours yet, and I'm not sure she will because her legs are so thick and chunky.  However, she is cruising some around the furniture and can stand for a few seconds on her own.  She is also saying "Mama" and waving some.  Oh, and she does this cute little face to make you laugh- we call it the "cheese face" and Austin used to do it. Was told by a therapist that being the 3rd child, and all being so close together, means Cameron's development will be much different than the average baby. She may take much longer to do things, so if that is true with her then I'll get to enjoy the baby stage much longer!
So, that is our whereabouts lately.  We have our end of the season soccer party and last soccer game in the next week. Austin's birthday party is this weekend, and I'm hoping to make some cute treats.  We are trying to finish up some things around the house, and I have some craft projects I'm working on.  We're thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous fall weather these days.  I'll try to post some pictures soon!