Friday, March 18

March Madness

March is a busy month in this house. 3 of the 5 of us have birthdays this month and between both of our extended families there are 4 more birthday this month. WOW! So, the 5 of us started off the month with Bradley's birthday. His party was the week before his birthday, and it was great. . . "the best birthday party ever" according to Bradley! Chris was off on Bradley's birthday, so we gave Bradley the option of taking cupcakes to school or staying home and our BIG boy decided he'd rather stay home- that was what we figured he'd say as he is always happiest with us. What a blessing that is that our child loves us so much- definitely warms our hearts! So, we had doughnuts for breakfast then packed up and went fishing. Someone Chris knows has given us access to his pond, so we picked up Burger King (Bradley's favorite fast food) for lunch and headed out there.We didn't catch anything, but the kids really enjoyed themselves. We stopped for Icees, another favorite of Bradley's, on the way home and came home for naps. Then, we went to Olive Garden for supper. . .  yes, ANOTHER Bradley favorite! Afterwards, we went to Build-a-Bear and came home for cookie cake.  Bradley told us it was the best day ever. It really was great and a special day for all of us.  Next year Bradley will be in school, so I don't think he will be able to miss school anymore after this year. Bradley also felt pretty special with the phone calls and cards he received that day. So, thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to do that! Bradley is such a special boy, and we're so thankful that God has allowed him to be here with us for FIVE years. Bradley has been our rock for much of his 5 short years- he is our constant kid that does just as he is supposed to- sure he picked up lots of colds and common illnesses as a baby and toddler (ear infections, strep, bronchitis, etc)- but they definitely weren't worrisome- and we know how truly blessed we have been with Bradley.
Austin doesn't have a March birthday, but he was due this month. So, he is 2 years adjusted now and still delayed, but doing great as far as development. He is saying new words and phrases all the time plus he is talking more around those he is unfamiliar with.  His speech therapist is talking about possibly discharging him at the end of the summer- wow!  Austin has continued to have lung issues even after his round of steroids. He is currently being treated for a sinus infection.  He is going to be setup for a sleep study to check for sleep apnea. It would explain a lot of his issues: not sleeping well at night, failure to gain weight along with lack of appetite, lung issues, and constant infection. So, we shall see what we find out with that. 
Cameron's 1st birthday is today. And, for her to only be ONE she has gotten lots of cards, calls, and emails- what a popular baby our sweet girl is! We're having a little party for her tomorrow (trying to keep it small since she is so young and since I'm 19 weeks and must be more careful these days). I had the hardest time picking out a theme for her party, but finally settled on Cameron's Sweet Shoppe. It's perfect, because she is so sweet.  I'll blog more about it after tomorrow when I have some pictures to post with it.  We're going to have the party outside, because it's going to be beautiful weather- sunny and in the 80's.  Thankfully the pollen has held off- we haven't seen any here yet.  We're going to cookout and have some games for the kids to enjoy.  Cameron is going to love it, because she loves being outside.  Cameron is growing great- she is pushing 25lbs and is absolutely filling out 24month clothes. I've even bought her some 3t shirts the spring/summer. I love my pink little piggy- she still does the cutest little pig face! She is very vocal and says "Mama, Dada, hey, bye, more, done, Bradley," and a few other things. She waves hey and bye too, blows kisses, gives hugs and kisses, and signs more, done, and hold me.  She is everywhere, cruising and crawling, and will lean from one toy to another by taking one step.  She also climbs the stairs for me, because as I said she is quite the chunk! She is getting whole milk in cups at meals and throughout the day, and only has her bottles at nap and nighttime.  She still loves to be swaddled with her blankie and given her paci at nap, and her blankie comforts her throughout the day as she needs it.  It's still hard to believe that we have Cameron- after everything we went through to have the boys- God is just amazing and His grace is awesome.  What a testimony Cameron is to us and trusting in God.  All children are special, and our children are absolute miracles!
Speaking of miracles, Number 6, Baby Wicker is doing well. I'm 19 weeks now and had my big ultrasound this past week. They started measuring the MCA velocity in the brain, and it looked good. For now it's grade D, which is good and means it's very low.  So, that means it will need to be measured in 3 weeks.  Remember this is due to my antibody titer going up over 1:16 for the FyA; the E is still low 1:4, so it's fine.  My cervix measured 3.5; it needs to be longer than 2.5, so that is great! It will be measured in 3 weeks as well. The baby looked great and everything anatomy wise checked out well.  So many prayers answered by all of this good news.  We did find out what Baby Wicker is and will start telling everyone soon.  Very excited to be adding another ?? to our family!!!! We do have a name, and it has a special meaning as all of our children's names do.  Can't wait to welcome this sweet baby to our family this summer.
So, let me go and continue getting ready for the birthday girl's party tomorrow! Hope everyone has a blessed, wonderful weekend and enjoys this great weather we're having!

Tuesday, March 1

Terrific Tuesday

I'm just resting (a rest break recommended by my OB) while the kids are taking their naps.  I'm enjoying the warm, sunny, breeze coming through the open windows.  I have some major spring fever. Thoughts of picnics, fresh garden vegetables, many hours in the warm sun, picking strawberries, and flip flops are dancing through my head. Who can't be happy with Spring around the corner??? I love to be optimistic, happy, and smiling- no doubt this is a God given gift. I don't have much patience for people that complain and whine.  Why not allow yourself to dream of all the wonderful, simple things God can and will provide? Who knows who is watching you be thankful for the little things God is providing. Who knows who you may be able to lead to Christ through your love and happiness. Just some thoughts going through my mind. There are so many thoughts going through my mind these days as we're still reading Purpose Driven Life. It has been such a good study. The main focus is to help me, the reader, understand that we're here for God's purpose and not our own.
"It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.  Long before we first heard of Christ, . . .he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone." Ephesisans 1:11
That is the verse in the dedication and the book goes so much deeper than that. It has been a wonderful experience for Chris and me, individually as well as a couple. The book covers many subjects. One I found particularly interesting is what way you draw closer to God. I learned I'm an activist who loves God through confronting evil and working to make the world a better place and a caregiver who loves God by loving others and meeting their needs.  Interesting stuff; it reminded me of the love languages.  Have you ever read about those? Check it out: The Five Love Languages It's a great book as well. I've studied the love languages a good bit in my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) groups. 
We've been enjoying lots of time outdoors lately. The kids really love being outside.  We've played in the backyard, had meals outside, and just spent some good family time together. We just had Bradley's 5th birthday party this past weekend. He had a bowling party and told us it was the best birthday party ever! That makes it perfect for us.  We celebrate a week early due to Chris' work schedule, but plan to spend Bradley's actual birthday together just the 5 of us. Cameron's birthday is just 2 weeks away, so we're getting ready for her 1st birthday party.  Got some cute ideas for our sweet little girl. Can't believe I will have a 5 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old . . . and of course one on the way! The 2 year old is hanging in there. He has had some lung issues lately, but we're hoping after a burst of oral steroids that he will improve.  We've changed a few meds as it seems as though these issues are a reactive airway type things from his lung disease. It's a little frustrating as it seems that he has taken a step backwards since his hospital visit in the fall.  So, hopefully the new medications will impove things and he will GROW! Say some prayers for him. Baby Wicker is doing well. I'll be 17 weeks in a couple of days. The big anatomy scan is just a couple of weeks away.  The doctor is going to check my cervix at that time to see if he needs to make any changes/improvements to it before the baby starts to really grow (about 20 weeks). My OB will also be looking for a few other things that may be issues as my blood titers (relating to the blood anitbodies) have started to go up.  So, I may have to start getting weekly ultrasounds very soon which was going to be fairly often anyway due to my cervical issues.  No point in worrying as God take care of it all, so we'll just wait and see how things look.  I've cut back on my activities a good bit, and am following the doctor's orders. These restrictions will be in place until I reach about 28 weeks and get through the part where he is most concerned when it comes to me and my history.  I started the weekly progersterone shot in my hip- aaaahhh the things we do for our babies! :-) So worth it! So far my blood sugar is doing well. That should start to change around 20 weeks, but maybe we'll see some huge miracle! So, we're just hanging out and enjoying life as usual. Keep smiling! And, I'm going to leave you with a few of our ABC's!

What do you think Baby Wicker is? Comment on this post, send me an email, or post it on my Facebook wall. It will be neat to see what everyone thinks, and I'll write it in Baby Wicker's Baby Book.  For those that want to know the facts of the pregnancy before you guesss:
-Heartrate was 157 at the last appt., right in between my boy and girl norms. My girls are always 160 and over and my boys are always under 150.
- I'm really tired like I was with Bradley's pregnancy.
- I'm not as sick as I was with any previous pregnancy.  I was most sick with Cameron's pregnancy.
-I've had headaches like Cameron's pregnancy.
- I'm smaller than any pregnancy before.
- I've really enjoyed fruits this pregnancy which is a first.
-Chris says it's a boy, and Bradley says it's a girl. They've always agreed and both been right with the previous 4.  The pregnancy is most like Bradley's overall.
- The baby seems fairly active on ultrasound. I can usually feel it at night when taking it easy in bed.  My girls are usually more active than my boys in utero.
God has kept us guessing with this one; that is for sure! So, send me a message of what you're thinking!