Thursday, July 28


The BIG day is almost here! ONE more night. I think I can make it! This pregnancy has been great, but lately I can barely pick up the kids- which is a must when they are so young like Austin and Cameron. The swelling and ligament pain (which I'm told gets worse with each pregnancy) is limiting me a lot these days. However, I've made it and am just rolling with the punches.
I have a ton of things I want to do before going to bed tonight, so this will be a short and sweet update.  I'm delivering tomorrow at LMC (yes that is a change for us, but an exciting one after going through so many hard things at Richland). I'm scheduled for noon and hopefully Davis will be out by 1- it took a long time for my high risk OB to get to Cameron due to scar tissue- hoping the ligament pain is actually that and not scar tissue. I had my last appointment today and Davis looked well. He is measuring very big; 97% and 8 pounds 10 ounces. This is just an estimate, after taking several measurements, and not actually guaranteed and could be 10% off either way. I'm expecting him to be 7 something as B was 7lb 5 oz and C was 7lbs 2 oz, both delivered at 38 weeks.  Davis will be a few days earlier than them too.
So, we have a babysitter lined up for the other kids and Chris will be with them the rest of the time. I'm praying ABC handle Mama being away well since I'm always with them- praying I handle it well too since I feel like my place is at home with my family. I know it will be for just a few days and a must to get this sweet miracle here and home, and we can make it past anything for a short time. Emotions are running a little high as well as anxiety. I keep trying to push everything out of my mind and ask God for His peace and grace as I know that is the only place it can come from.
Update on everyone else. . .  I pick up B's school class assignment later today. He starts school in just a few weeks which I'm anticipating to be a bigger change for our family than adding Baby Davis. Bradley seems excited, but a little hesitant as expected. He isn't much of a worrier, because I've just always told him to not worry and ask God for help- and so far that has worked. He truly believe everything I tell him- so scary how children can be molded and shaped by us so easily. Bradley is very excited about the baby.  A is talking all the time. He has so much to say, and sometimes it's all I can do not to just stare and marvel at how well he is doing. He hasn't grown, but that is just how Austin is. His tonsils could be causing issues with that, and his ENT is setting him up for a sleep study. He has a feeling Austin's tonsils are causing some breathing difficulty at night even though the pulse ox study showed he was fine. A sleep study on Austin won't be an easy task though, so many prayers needed for that.  Austin is also really growing up from a toddler to a little boy, and it's so hard to believe. His little sister is growing up as well from a baby to a toddler. C has been walking for awhile and uses that as her sole transportation now.  She signs a lot and really understands what we are saying to her.  She is saying new words everyday as well. She has been very easy to discipline, and while she may cry when we tell her "no", she does listen. She continues to be a great eater and will beg for a salad which I've always loved as well. Her hair is really growing and getting thick, so I have to keep some type of barrette in her hair to keep it out of her face. I just can't believe how much "ABC" have grown over the summer and am so excited to add "D" to the mix.
I'm not sure how long it will be before something is posted here, so if you are on Facebook look me up and add me as a friend if you haven't already. We will post to there rather quickly since it's so easy. Thank you all for the prayers!

Sunday, July 17

Showered with Blessings

Right before Father's Day my sweet friend, Michelle, gave me a wonderful little shower to help celebrate Baby Davis.  I was very excited to see all of my favorite girls and hang out a little bit before Davis arrives. We went to M Vista, downtown, and it was very yummy. We enjoyed appetizers, salads, and delicious meals. Then, our waiter surprised me with a delicisous chocolate mousse dessert that reminded me of cheesecake.  And, we also enjoyed a very tasty cake. Michelle thought of every little detail to make it special inclucding sweet, little bags of surprises full of chocolate for everyone to take home. After dessert I opened a ton of presents that I'm very grateful for- lots of diapers, wipes, new clothes for Davis, and much more.  All of it will definitely come in handy! Our boy stuff is getting worn out and is the wrong season since Bradley and Austin came home in March. After presents we took some group pictures, so I can always remember what a great time I had celebrating our sweet blessing with a few family and lots of friends! Thank you everyone for making sure that even after 5 kids, # 6, is just as special as #1! He is one blessed little boy!

Enjoying my dessert that the waiter surprised me with
(and looking a little bloated- some days the fluid retention is awful and some days I barely have any)

The yummy cake!

Belly Shot

special handmade presents

I loved this present from Davis' Aunt Beth- she spends a good bit of time with the kids, always being sure to stop by at least once a week for a visit, and we're so grateful to have her and Uncle Michael in our life!

~more wonderful presents~
handmade quilt from Nanny and Papa

Group Photo Op

And, a picture outside M Vista- it was such a fun night and I'm so grateful for all of these special ladies in my life! Love ya'll!

Friday, July 8

Swim Lessons

Bradley and Austin took swim lessons together in June; it was the 1st time for both of them. By the end of the week Bradley was jumping in the pool, on his own, and swimming to the instructor in the deep end. And, Austin was holding his breathe and gliding underwater back and forth to us.  Both boys are proficient now in opening their eyes under water and holding their breathe! Bradley can also swim over to the side of the pool and hold on. That was an important thing, per Ms. Laverne, as it could save some children.  Ms. Laverne was great.  How wonderful that she is a special education teacher during the school year and completely comfortable with Austin's needs.  He, however, did just as well as any 2 year old- even with breathing which we didn't know how it would go due to his lung disease.  The boys went Monday through Friday for one hour each day with 2 other children.  Cameron did well floating in the pool and hanging out with some of the neighbors while Mama assisted with Austin. I wasn't sure how it would go with the boys, but was so impressed and proud at their willingness to try something new. Next year, Cameron will be excited to take lessons with the boys and Davis will be watching from the sidelines.

Go Bradley Go!

Cameron loves the pool and sun!

Austin going to Daddy on the afternoon that he was able to be there

Such a happy girl!

Bradley getting those legs up

Austin reaching for Daddy