Monday, February 15

Updates across the board

Working lots of hours and trying to get things done around the house before we add another addition to the family. Some of his projects are hanging curtains, pictures, and other wall d├ęcor throughout the house. He is also refinishing the changing table, which Bradley used, for Cameron’s room. He has put together her crib, and it’s gorgeous! He has plenty of other things on his “to do” list such as painting more rooms, changing the mirror out in the downstairs bathroom to make it look more like a guest bath, and refinishing the table and chairs that were mine when I was little. Chris has also started Bradley’s new soccer season as assistant coach.

In the road a lot with appointments for Austin and me, Bradley’s school and soccer, and other things that need to be done before our family adds another member. I was sick a couple of weeks ago, and had trouble with my sugar, but that is what happens to a diabetic when you have sinusitis and bronchitis. My body seems to be handling the pregnancy well, and I’m keeping my diabetes under control since getting better. I’m 34 weeks now, but I’m measuring 4 weeks ahead. So, I feel like I’m about 38 weeks along and wondering where an additional 4 of 5 weeks of growth will go! I just saw my OB this past week, and he is still hesitant to schedule the c-section. He said with my many issues that there is a lot involved in making that decision. I wasn’t expecting that; I thought that my case has become fairly easy since I made it this far. I just want to be a simple, “normal” patient with no issues that requires no special attention! I’ll go back for my weekly, all afternoon appointments, this Thursday when I’ll have another non stress test and ultrasound.

Missed 2 weeks of school due to being sick, but went back last week even though he didn’t want to and tried to talk me out of it. He said he was too sick and that he had a cough, and then would start coughing after not coughing for several days. He acts like such a teenager sometimes! Soccer practice started back, and their first game was scheduled for Valentine’s Day but cancelled due to the snow. He seems to be enjoying the new soccer season despite the cold weather during the practices. His jersey is number 2, and “The Polar Bears” is their new name. We celebrated his 4th birthday party early on the 13th. His birthday is in March, but we wanted to be sure that he got to enjoy his birthday before Cameron’s arrival. I’ll blog about the party later. The party turned out really well as we had it at Flight Deck, and it was very easy on us phyically and financially!   They are an awesome establishment and so family oriented.  We’ll still celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday, but just intimately with our family and perhaps a small cake or cupcakes. Bradley has already asked for an ice cream cake; I have no idea where he saw something like that. And, he wants it to be yellow, his favorite color.

Sick too; he has had an ear infection for most last few months. So, that led us to making a trip to see the ENT. Austin is scheduled to have tubes this Thursday. His pediatrician and ENT thought about removing his adenoids, but decided not to due his age and history. The surgery should be quick and easy, and I’ve already spoken to anesthesia about Austin due to his medical history. He also has his last Synagis shot scheduled for this RSV season on Friday. Austin’s physical therapist will come this week as usual. Austin is doing well with his therapy, but she continues to work on some things such as the position of his right foot. We continuously have homework that we do on the days that she doesn’t come. Austin is also scheduled to have another feeding evaluation done at the end of this week, because he hasn’t improved at all since the speech therapist visited in November. (remember speech therapy handles feeding issues- Austin doesn’t have any speech issues at this point) His ENT said that he should definitely be doing better with his eating. His EI will be here during the evaluation too. Austin’s new tricks include blowing kisses, giving “high fives”, clapping, and signing “more” and “all done” and saying done at the same time. Sometimes instead of telling us done he just takes off his bib; he is a crazy baby!

Doing well and has passed all of the BPP’s and non stress tests. The last time they measured her, a week ago, she was almost in the 70th percentile for size and measuring about a week ahead. She is doing her practice breathing and movements as she should, her heart looks good as well as her other organs. The amniotic fluid, which can be high in a gestational diabetic pregnancy, is in the high limits of normal. The will continue to check this, as well as everything else, every week until she is delivered. She moves so much that doing the non stress test can be difficult, because you have to follow her heartbeat with every movement and she comes off the monitor easily. I have to press a button every time she moves, because they want to make sure that she isn’t having any Brady’s (drop in heart rate). The also have a Toco monitor on me, to check for contractions, and there haven’t been any so far! Yay! Her room is coming along; we just have to get everything up and in its place. We still have a few things that we want to get to complete the room as well as plenty that we need for her. However, we know with this being our 5th child that we have everything we must have: pack-n-play, a few sleepers, blankets, diapers and wipes, and me since I plan to nurse exclusively like I did Bradley.

March of Dimes
The March for Babies will be at the end of April again, but I'm not sure it will be more than 6 weeks after my c-section. I'll probably able to walk short distances, and doing so around the neighborhood, but I don't foresee myself being able to walk 3-6 miles.  However, we want to collect money for this awesome cause that has helped our family tremendously.  I don't want to beg for money this year and have been trying to come up with something creative to keep me from doing so.  Our latest thought is doing a baby pool for Cameron where you'd give money (that normally goes to the expectant parents to help out) to guess her birth day, height, and weight.  One site we found charges $10, keeps one dollar for fees, and sends $9 to us.  We would then donate all of that money to March of Dimes and are thinking of giving a $25 gift certificate to the winner.  How does that sound? Please leave a comment or send me an email with some feedback or suggestions, especially if you'd be interested!  Thanks, and may God bless you this week!