Friday, February 24

My Austin

My Austin, my Austin . . . that kid keeps us on our toes. First he was sick as I posted last time which it took forever for him to get rid of that junk, but it's finally gone. Then, all the testing, but everything came back ok- no cystic fibrosis or kidney issues as suspected, just low protein. So, he is being referred to a nutritionist. And, there was talk about going to an endocrinologist if nothing was found with all the testing so I'm not sure about that yet.
So, the bottom line is he has to grow. To avoid a feeding tube we are praying that he grows before the doctors start to pressure us with that. So, I'm praying for 5 pounds. That would put him on the low end of average for a 3 year old. Austin has never been on the growth charts for his age for length or weight, so we'd love to see that. So, I'm asking God to specifically let Austin gain FIVE pounds. That would be huge! I believe God can do that, and if I keep feeling this need for 5 pounds then there must be a reason- God must be placing that in my heart for a reason. I'm feeding Austin all day long and anything he wants. That is what the doctors have said to do, no matter how high in sugar or fat- just get the calories anyway possible. He was a little under 25 pounds before his surgery, so 25 is the starting point. And, this week he hit 26.4 pounds- the most he has ever weighed! Yay! He needs to stay well too, because every time he gets sick he loses weight.
Tonight Austin is having another sleep study done. And, I'm asking for prayers that he does well and there are no signs of sleep apnea. We still suspect sleep apnea, but know God is in charge of this. His sleep is still off even with his tonsils being removed.  He is up on and off all night and if he naps then he stays up very late at night. And, children his age should be napping still. Sometimes he just falls asleep where ever he is and he shouldn't do that. And, then he is very hard to wake.

My sweet Austin all hooked up and ready for his sleep study.

So, I'm asking for prayers. . .  for Austin to gain 5 pounds, for Austin to not show any apnea, and for Austin to stay well. Please join me in praying for my sweet Austin. We continue to be amazed by all of his accomplisments and love how happy he is.  . . he is such a special child and I want him to be well. He is worth every moment of worry and anxiety that he has caused us. God conintues to give us strength and knowledge as to how to best for care for him, and we're so grateful. God's peace is one of the things I'm most grateful for . .. on the days when we get bad news about Austin or they start to talk about things that are possible wrong, I get upset, but then I go to sleep and over night God takes away all of that worry and anxiety AND the next day is better. It's amazing and something I'm so thankful for. God is good all the time!

Monday, February 13

Bad, busy blogger!

Ok, ok. I'm admitting to being a bad blogger, but we've been busy around here. I mean we do have FOUR children- cut me some slack please! :-)
We've been busy with daily life, normal things. We have spent lots of afternoons outside enjoying our very warm winter. It has been gorgeous and has given us spring fever. The kids love being outside, and we've taken many walks once Daddy gets home and often stop to play at our neighborhood park or the play set in our backyard afterwards.
I've been leading the produce co-op which has been named Third Day Harvest, because God created vegetation on Earth on the 3rd day in Genesis. We've had 2 deliveries and have had much success. There are 24 happy families involved so far. Chris and I have also been making all of our bread products- everything from hot dog and hamburger buns to cinnamon buns to loafs of bread. It's delicious! We're slowly cutting out as much processed foods as possible.It's isn't too hard, but does take up more time than normal.
The kids have been sick. Austin was taken to the emergency room a couple of weeks ago due to issues breathing and was diagnosed with viral pneumonia. Then, the crud slowly made its way around our home. Bradley shook it off like a pro while Cameron and Davis only developed sinus infections due to it- yeah, Austin always gets it worse than everyone.  His immune system is just not doing as well as the doctors expected it to.  He still has a cough, but no more steroids or breathing treatments thankfully. We went to see the pediatrician for a follow-up from that and to check his growth after his tonsillectomy in December. And, she wasn't happy because he still isn't growing which normally happens right away. He isn't sleeping better either. So, we will be going for another sleep study in a couple of weeks, and she scheduled him for a few tests with the diagnosis of failure to thrive. That did hit us pretty hard, because basically we don't know what else to do- BUT the bottom line is that he is happy (thank you Sarah for reminding me of that- oh yes and my dear friend, Sarah, is recovering well and found out today that she won't have to do any chemo nor radiation!!! praise God- she will have to take a medication for 5 years- so many prayers her way still and as she continues on her road to recovery and reconstruction). So, Austin is happy and for that we just can't ask much more. We found out today that he doesn't have Cystic Fibrosis which was suspected by both his pediatrician and ENT. There were some other tests run that we don't know the results of yet. So, please be praying for him. Bradley had his tonsils out in January and did great with it, and Cameron had her adenoids out last week and is recovering well so far. Bradley is also doing well in school and continues to get smiley faces everyday! He has never brought home anything less- yay! That's my boy! Austin is signed up for preschool next year . . . that brings some anxiety but trying to give it all to God! His doctors have okayed it, so lots of prayers. He will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12. Cameron is talking more and more. She spends her time chasing after her brothers and loving on them. Davis is rolling everywhere, and he is fast! He is sitting up pretty well too, but he moves so much that he still can't stay up consistently. He loves all foods that we've tried, and was in the 95% for his height and 80% for his weight at his 6 month well visit (he wore an 18 month outfit today- wow!- he is just so long).
Less than 4 months to our beach trip, and we're growing more and more excited everyday. But before the beach we will have some fun celebrations. Bradley will turn 6 next month and Cameron will turn 2. Bradley's party has been very easy to plan as he wants it at the bowling center where he had it last year and wants an Angry Bird cake. He has already told me what he wants for his present as well. Can't get any easier than that. Cameron on the other hand we know exactly what to get her, but can't decide between all the cute girly themes. She loves pink and Minnie Mouse, so considering that. There are also some cute ice cream and cupcake themes as well which she gets excited about both. We did the Sweet Shoppe theme last year and used candy and cupcakes, so not sure we should do that again. We also thought last year about doing an Egg Hunt, but then Easter was late last year. Decisions, decisions! Davis will be baptized this Mothers' Day as it is a family tradition. Just to remind everyone Chris, myself, Bradley, Austin, and Cameron have all been baptized on  Mother's Day. Chris was baptized when he was older, because he grew up Baptist. I was baptized as an infant and confirmed when I was 13 since I grew up in an United Methodist church.
So, just quick updates as I really don't have time for anything else these days. Between the kids, keeping the house straight and clean since it's on the market (and kinda have to do it anyway), cooking, and laundry I already stay up till midnight or later trying to maintain everything else.